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27. januara 2022
Pretty unintuitive UI and didn't work very well. Some of the fields mapped didn't show up at all (like images from URL, or creator and short description as custom fields). I ended up with some basic (unformatted, bare text) posts that will still take significant work to clean up. If your XML has lots of good data, skip this plugin and use another solution that will be less head-scratching to figure out and more effective at duplicating the posts you're trying to import.
6. awgusta 2021 1 reply
I had an import issue and it was resolved within a week and a bit. very helpful support. highly recommended. plugin works great. no need for wocommerce add on plugin subscription fees. its an all in one solution for importing products. works fantastically. Big thanks to the support team . Im very very happy.
12. junija 2021 1 reply
Best plugin with a lot of good premium features in the plugin. Recommendations - 1. - Please add a visual text editor toolbox for content section during import. 2. - Add find and replace feature for whole XML file during import to replace text, links, etc. Keep it up! Thank You
10. decembra 2020
I tested the CSV import 5 times with multiple csv files and get "Error : file Not Valid". Despite the claim that it supports CSV, it doesn't seem to be the case.
21. nowembra 2019
This plugin does everything and more than most commercial plugins will. I'm going to use it to import a series of articles for which the text and the publication dates are known upfront. I bundle texts, titles, featured image urls and publication dates in an XML and upload to Wordpress. The only thing that I'm missing is the ability to import posts with html in the content.
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