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Cornell Notes Gutenberg Block


Create perfect study notes with the Cornell Notes Gutenberg Block.

Cornell Notes provides an excellent structure for organising and summarized your notes, ideas and concepts – this logical approach is an invaluable way to help learning and retention for students of all ages.

This plugin provides a new, dedicated Cornell Notes Gutenberg block to enable you to quickly and easily take your notes within WordPress.

How to Use Cornell Notes

  1. Add your title at the top of your note – this is a summary of context of the notes.
  2. Take long-form notes in the right-hand column – you can take notes during a class, lecture, video tutorial or WordCamp Talk, it doesn’t matter. Add as many ideas as you need – click the ‚Add Idea‘ indicator to add a new idea.
  3. Once you’ve finished your notes, review them and summarise the concepts with key ideas in the left-hand column.
  4. Finally, summarize all the notes in a sentence or two at the bottom of the page.
  5. To fully benefit from Cornell Notes, you should consider adding Spaced Repetition to your learning plan.

Cornell Notes contains a second block – an Idea block – this block is only made available as a child of the Cornell Note block – and enables you to add as many ideas (key ideas and long-form notes) you require.

There are currently no specific settings required by the Cornell Notes Block.

Style via CSS Variables

CSS Variables are used with default settings – you can override these in your theme by setting the variables in the root
--note-border-style: dotted;
--note-border-width: 2px;
--note-border-color: #f00;
--note-body-padding: 30px;
--note-padding: 20px;

Style via Classes

The structure of the Cornell Notes Block:
.cornell-note-summary /* forced to the bottom of the note via Flexbox */

(This structure is simplified – you will find additional classes added via Gutenberg)


  • English (default)


  • English – default
    This plugin is translation-ready

How to Contribute to This Project

All contributions are welcome – make a Pull Request or raise an issue on the Github Repo

Plugin Creator

Sean Blakeley

Fota wobrazowki

  • Cornell Notes adds a new block to the editor
  • Cornell Notes contains an ‚Idea‘ block – only available as a child of the Cornell Note block
  • The Cornell Note Block on the frontend (inheriting the theme styles)
  • Simply add another idea to your Cornell Notes


Tutón tykač 2 blokaj skići.

  • Cornell Note
  • Idea


  1. Upload the entire cornell-notes folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to any Gutenberg-enabled editing screen and select the ‚Cornell Note‘ block from the Common Blocks tab
  4. Create your Cornell Note
  5. Learn and grow 🙂


How can I style the block?

The Cornell Notes Block contains minimalist styling – it should inherit the styles from you existing theme. Overriding the styles is straightforward (for reference, the Sass stylesheet can be found at: cornell-notes/src/blocks/cornell-notes/styles.scss

Note: The Summary section is forced to the bottom of the Cornell Note via Flexbox (order: 1) – this only affects the display – in the DOM, the Summary sits below the first key idea and long-form note.

Why am I getting some different styling at different device sizes?

By default, The Cornell Note Block is responsive and has a small amount of styling which changes at 600px width. If you want to override these styles, try adding the 600px breakpoint to your theme styles.

How do I add new ideas and concepts?

Simply click the ‚Add Idea‘ button which is located directly above the notes summary section (see screenshot)

Is there a limit to the number of ideas I can add?

No, you can keep adding as many ideas as you like

Will I be able to search for the ideas via the WordPress Search Box?

Yes, your Cornell Note ideas will be searchable via the standard WordPress search or any other search tool which searches your content.

Can I tag the notes?

No, not yet – this is a feature we’re looking to add later.

Is the block likely to be well supported?

The Cornell Notes block is a composite of core blocks – so you get all the usual editing, support, security and functional options of core WordPress blocks baked-in 🙂

Are there any ambitions to extend the plugin to incorporate Spaced Repetition?

It’s funny you should ask that – yes, definitely maybe.


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