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The free Classic Editor Addon plugin is targeted at everyone who is not yet ready for the new editing experience that has been introduced in WordPress 5.0. Install it now on sites and the UX remains the same as you are used to!

What’s New:
Replaced dependency library with simple dependency check/notice

Prošu dźiwajće na to, zo minimalnu PHP-wersiju 5.6 trjebaće, zo byšće naš tykač wužiwał.

The reason we released the „Classic Editor Addon“ plugin is because in the beginning the „Classic Editor“ plugin did not what it said on the label.

Since version 0.0.4 of the „Classic Editor“ plugin, it finally set the default setting to actually using the Classic Editor. It still contains a Settings page though and if the purpose of people is to get the Classic Editor instead of using the new block editor, then we don’t see the need for such a Settings page.

Also, if we look at developers protecting the sites of their clients with the Classic Editor, they certainly don’t want their clients to accidentally turn off the Classic Editor as the new block editor adds a lot of undesirable comments, tags and what not to the content.

Sites running WooCommerce get another style added to the <head> section of the site. With the Classic Editor Addon installed that call is obviously redundant. With version 2.5.0 we introduce a condition that checks for WooCommerce and if active it removes that call. Win!

Therefore we highly recommend installing this „Classic Editor Addon“ plugin, which will automatically install the “Classic Editor” plugin and remove its settings.

We support this plugin exclusively through Github. Therefore, if you have any questions, need help and/or want to make a feature request, please open an issue here. You can also browse through open and closed issues to find what you are looking for and perhaps even help others.

Dźakujemy so za waše dorozumjenje a sobudźěło.

If you like the Classic Editor Addon plugin, please consider leaving a review. Thanks!

Classic Editor Addon wot Pieter Bos a Greg Schoppe.


Što je nowy blokowy editor, kotryž so z WordPress 5.0 dodawa?

The release of WordPress 5.0 comes with a replacement of the TinyMCE editor you have gotten used to. Some find it an improvement, others don’t. More information can be found on the WP 5.0 release post.

Čehodla tutón přidatk? Njeje tykač Classic Editor za to mysleny, nowy blokowy editor znjemóžnić?

When it was released initially, the „Classic Editor“ plugin, by Andrew Ozz and other „WordPress Contributors“, didn’t completely disable the new block editor without changing settings. Since version 0.0.4 it does, but it still comes with Settings. The „Classic Editor Addon“ is a second plugin that makes sure the Settings are gone, so they cannot be accidentally triggered and „bring down the skies“.

Kak je to z druhimi tykačemi přirunujomne, kotrež nowy blokowy editor znjemóžnjeja?

Great question! „Classic Editor“ is the official plugin for removing the new block editor, and the install count is apparently being used as a metric to gauge success of the project. So, although other plugins exist to force-disable the new block editor, using them doesn’t properly notify the WP Core team of the number of issues users are having, that is why „Classic Editor Addon“ doesn’t disable the new block editor itself, it just removes the Settings page of the „Classic Editor“ plugin, making it easier to mass-install the „Classic Editor“ plugin.

Tutón tykač ničo nječini!

Has the site been updated to WordPress 5.0 and do you have the Classic Editor plugin installed? Those two are requirements for this addon plugin to do anything. If you have and the plugin still doesn’t do anything, then please open a support ticket.

Mam problem z tutym tykačom, hdźe móžu pomoc dóstać?

Prošu pisajće zmylkowu rozprawu na Github


17. nowembra 2020
Gutenberg is a battle. It fights back. It won't let me do things I was always used to doing. I could publish in Classic, but my theme had a nasty habit of pushing Gutenberg back on me for edits after a piece was published. This seems to prevent that. Thank you!
19. januara 2019
I want to say thank you so much for creating this plugin. I actually felt like I was loosing my motivation creating new post because of this new classic editor that had taken over my pages and post after updating to the new WordPress 5.0. It was fancy and complicated and wasn't allowing me to apply my custom affiliate links which was very discouraging. I'm now motivated to start working on my first new article for 2019 my heart is smiling and I'm overjoyed. Thank You A Million
17. januara 2019
The "Classic Editor" is a nice try, but it kind-a squeezes the "old" editor into the Gutenberg view. Not only that, it doesn't even respect the CSS that I used in the "old" editor. This magnificent addon does exactly what is missing! The old editor is back the way it actually used to be! Thanks guys for creating this addon - I'm not a Gutenberg fan, and am not looking forward to "fixing" what wasn't broken to begin with. You guys saved me a lot of work!! I highly recommend this addon for the "Classic Editor" if you want to really see the old editor.
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Protokol změnow


  • January 24, 2022
  • adjust link to plugin search page


  • January 24, 2022
  • replaced dependency library with simple dependency check/notice, due to many issues with 2.6.4 security update


  • January 24, 2022
  • update WP Dependency Installer library
  • tested up to WP 5.9


  • 3. awgusta 2020
  • rollback removal of WooCommerce block-ui scripts


  • 1. awgusta 2020
  • remove WooCommerce block-ui scripts
  • Aktualizacija WP Dependency Installer
  • Hač do WP 5.5.0 testowany


  • 5. měrca 2020
  • Aktualizacija WP Dependency Installer na 3.0.0


  • 14. nowembra 2019
  • Aktualizacija WP Dependency Installer na 2.0.0
  • increase minimum PHP version to 5.6 (requirement of WP Dependency Installer)
  • WP 5.3 compatible fixes this issue


  • 11. oktobra 2029
  • add function that removes the 1 block editor style call from the <head> section of your site when WooCommerce is running


  • 22. januara 2019
  • add function that removes the 2 block editor style calls from the <head> section of your site


  • 17. decembra 2018
  • increase minimum PHP version to 5.4 due to introduction new shorthand syntax of WP Dependency Installer update in 2.3.0


  • 14. decembra 2018
  • wersijowa aktualizacija WP Dependency Installer
  • add parameter "optional": false as a workaround to fix issue #4


  • 12. decembra 2018
  • rewrite of function that removes settings of the Classic Editor plugin


  • 25. oktobra 2018
  • fix typo which addresses issue #3


  • 28. awgusta 2018
  • remove functions that have become redundant since 0.0.4 release of Classic Editor plugin
  • Dataje readme přepisane


  • 16. julija 2018
  • add WP Dependency Installer to facilitate with installing and activating Classic Editor plugin (changed color of admin notice to blue)
  • adjust minimum PHP version (to 5.3) due to addition of WP Dependency Installer


  • 12. julija 2018
  • fix issue #2
  • adjust readme text and FAQs


  • 8. julija 2018
  • release of plugin on WordPress Plugin Directory, ready for the world 🙂


  • spočatk julija 2018
  • more feature/function/code improvements by both Pieter & Greg