Tutón tykač njeje so z najnowšimi 3 hłownymi wersijemi WordPress testował. Snano so hižo njewothladuje abo njepodpěruje a ma problemy z kompatibelnosću, hdyž so z nowšimi wersijemi WordPress wužiwa.

Absolute Addons For Elementor


Absolute Addons For Elementor page builder is the best free Elementor Addons That Comes With 21+ Elementor Free & Pro Widgets, 238+ Professional designed ready blocks.

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Powerful Elementor Widgets and Pre-Built Layout to Create Beautiful Websites in Minutes

Layout Presets

For every widget it comes with tons of layout variations which you can choose from Layout Presets.

  • Ready to use
  • Preset wise parameter and settings
  • Preset supported in free version
  • 250+ presets layout and 1500+ coming
  • Pre-made design with presets
  • Ready to use in single clicks

On Demand Asset Loading

We know the importance of performance for your website. We make sure to keep your website light weight and fat free when loading sections. We only load the css and assets required for the current page layout.

  • Widget wise asset library
  • Fat free loading
  • On/Off unnecessary widgets

Fully Responsive Design

Our widgets are completely responsive and adjustable to any device’s screen size or orientation. Our QC team exhaustively tested them on almost all popular type devices at our QC center.

  • Device ready
  • Compatible view orientation
  • Mobile first methodology
  • Device oriented layout
  • Device wise UX support
  • Reader prioritise

Careful Craftsmanship

Our goal is to distinguish our products with creativity, quality, and usability. When our design team works with the block design, they make sure all widgets are highly-customizable.

  • Creative designs
  • UX Friendly
  • Trendy and useful

Properly Validated Coding

We have followed WordPress standard coding practices and all our render layouts are validated by W3 validator.

  • 100% validated coding
  • W3 validated
  • Properly formed & efficiently built
  • Used latest WordPress API classes and functions

Beautiful Color Palettes

The key to successful color combinations is understanding how different colors interact with each other, and we know how important it is when it comes

  • Beautiful color combinations
  • Perfectly combined for web layout
  • Blended layout and color combination

Timely Product Updates

When it comes to WordPress, we know how important it is being updated. We promised to release weekly updates as well as new layout releases.

  • Weekly update
  • Immediate security core update support
  • Maintain proper update cycle
  • Auto update option

Unbelievably Flexible Settings

Each element comes with a bunch of options to control every possible thing. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination without even knowing or touching any single line of code.

  • Tons of controller
  • Settings for every part of the layout
  • Advance color and preset control

WooCommerce Ready

We have over 15+ ready block layouts for WooCommerce so shop owners can now create their desired layout without spending time on coding.

  • Ready to use WC blocks
  • Wishlist support inside block
  • Quantity supported inside block
  • Quick view added inside block

Fast and Lightweight

Absolute addons is created with both speed and performance in mind so our users can get maximum page speed and load performance with it.

  • Lightweight
  • Super fast loading technology
  • Optimized and compress coding

Expert Video Tutorials

For every widget we have created separate video tutorial so our users can use the plugin easily and confidently

  • Widget wise separate tutorial
  • Covered each setting
  • Show it in real action

Superior Support System

Our Expert & Dedicated Support Team is available through our forum and live chat. Registered users can get faster responses and help from our engineers who developed the product.

  • 24/7 priority support
  • Dedicated support team
  • Onsite support

Why Should You Choose Absolute Addons?

Absolute Addons is the pioneer of adding exclusive layouts to solve your web design needs. Every week we are committed to an update, and we have 1500+ ready design widgets and layouts coming next in our random updates. Reasons for choosing our plugin over all other Elementor Addons ?

  • Optimized coding
  • Creative and unique type layout with unlimited control
  • Dynamic control set and design patterns with pre-made layout presets
  • WooCommerce ready widgets with multiple product blocks and layout
  • Built-in column-based layout features
  • 238+ Ready-made Elementor Template Kits to Use and 1500+ coming next
  • 24/7 Dedicated support team with live website support
  • And much more +++


  1. Content Card: Content Card Widget for elementor comes with 18 unique styles with advanced features which enable you to showcase your content section professionally.
  2. Testimonial Widget: Testimonial Widget for elementor Has 15 styles. Showcase your testimonial section more attractively with the Testimonial widget. It will enable you to add many features and styles to the section.
  3. Advance Tab: Advance Tab Widget for elementor Comes with 20 different styles. Design your website pages in professional style using the Advanced Tab Widget. You can easily implement it in your web pages and edit it within a minute based on your website focus.
  4. Counter: Showcase your countdown section with 9 different eye-catchy designs using the Counter Widget for elementor. It will enable you to add many features and styles to your counter section.
  5. FAQ: Display FAQ section more professionally and organized with FAW Widget for elementor. It comes with 8 different styles with exciting features and has Rich Snippet (JSON+ld) support.
  6. List Group: List Group Widget for elementor comes with 14 unique styles to make your section more professional.
  7. Portfolio: Create your own customisable portfolio section using 10 different portfolio styles to impress your customer inside your website using our Portfolio Widget for elementor.
  8. Logo Grid: Helps you highlight your product or brand logos in a unique way. Logo Grid Widget for elementor comes with 9 different styles.
  9. Call To Action: Professional Call to Action Widget for elementor comes with 11 pre-build styles without breaking a sweat.
  10. Icon Box: Display your services/features with 19 predefined styles using our Icon Box Widget for elementor.
  11. Info Box: Comes with 24 styles and powerful control features. It’s perfect for showcasing interesting information in a different way.
  12. Fun Fact: You can showcase your achievements with confident by using our 9 variation style layout of Fun Fact widget.
  13. Product Grid: Product Grid Widget for elementor Will help you to increase your sales displaying your bestseller product with it’s 11 preset styles.
  14. Image Carousel: Our image carousel widget will enable you to create a beautiful and eye catchy image carousel in your pages. Image Carousel Widget for elementor comes with 6 different styles.
  15. Multi Color Heading: Give your header a unique look using our Multi Color Heading Widget for elementor. It comes with 2 different styles to make your heading section more colorful.
  16. Countdown: Add a countdown to any WordPress page with a simple drag & drop, then customize it visually and easily. Our Countdown Widget for elementor offers you 10 different styles.
  17. List: Custom List widget comes with 7 styles (more coming) to make you section standout.
  18. Skill Bar: Skill Bar widget comes with 2 styles (more coming) which enable you to display task percentage, user skill, progressive information in a unique way.
  19. Team: Team widget comes with 5 styles (more coming) which enable you to display information about team members that can engage the audiences.
  20. Blog Page: Blog page will enable you to show your blog post anywhere you want in your website. Blog page widget comes with 8 unique styles (more coming) with advanced features.
  21. Image Grid: Image grid helps you to display your images in a unique way. Image Grid Widget for elementor comes with 2 different styles (more coming)
  22. Service: Service widget helps you to display your service information in a unique way. Service widget for elementor comes with 10 different styles (more coming)
  23. Button: Button widget helps you to display button in a unique and professional way. Button widget for elementor comes with 14 different styles (more coming).
  24. Dual Button: Dual Button widget helps you to display two buttons horizontally or vertically in different styles.
  25. Team Carousel: Using the Team Carousel widget you can display a carousel team section that can easily attract your audience. Team Carousel comes with 11 presets (more coming)


  1. Testimonial Carousel: Get full control over the style and design of your testimonial carousel, including how many slides are shown per view, carousel width and many other styling options.
  2. Business Hours: Decorate your Business Hours section with powerful controls and functionalities. Using the Business Hour widget, you can easily inform your users about availability.
  3. Product Carousel: Product Carousel widget will help you to showcase your product as a slider. The widget enables you to beautify your product showcasing section, and it is fully responsive and multipurpose.
  4. Restaurant Menu: Create a beautiful restaurant menu with price, features and pictures. It’s advanced features help you to create a perfect menu based on your restaurant theme.
  5. Advance Accordion: Advance Accordion comes with 12 unique styles. You can design your website pages with more uniqueness and elegance using the Advanced Accordion Widget.
  6. Icon Box Carousel: A simplified version of Infobox Carousel but comes with powerful display features and tons of dynamic controllers. Perfect for showcasing eye-catching information to your users in various styles.
  7. Timeline: Timeline Widget for elementor comes with 1 styles (more coming)
  8. News Post: News Post will enable you to show your blog post anywhere you want in your website. News Post widget comes with 8 unique styles (more coming) with advanced features.
  9. Logo Carousel: Using the Logo Carousel widget you can display a carousel logo section that can easily attract your audience. Logo Carousel comes with 8 presets (more coming)


Skill Bar widget offers two pro features
1. Tooltip
2. Reverse counting


  1. Price Table
  2. Hotspot
  3. Image Compare
  4. Advance Heading
  5. Button
  6. Notification
  7. Alert
  8. Model
  9. Toggle Button
  10. Divider
  11. Contact Form 7
  12. Dual Color Heading
  13. Interactive Card
  14. Product Table
  15. Drop Cap
  16. News Ticker
  17. Tooltips
  18. Chart
  19. Instagram Feed
  20. Twitter Carousel
  21. Post Carousel
  22. Gradient Heading
  23. Image Heading
  24. Animated Text
  25. Source Code
  26. Gradient Background
  27. Contact Form Gravity
  28. Ninja Form
  29. MailChimp Form
  30. Product Slider
  31. Single Form
  32. Cart Page
  33. Checkout
  34. Protected Content
  35. Event Calendar

Fota wobrazowki

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Widgets Control Panel
  • API Integrations
  • Template Library



Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option — WordPress handles the file transfer, and you won’t need to leave your web browser.
1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
2. Navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New.”
3. In the search field type “Absolute Addons For Elementor” then click “Search Plugins.” Once you’ve found us, you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by! Click “Install Now,” and WordPress will take it from there.

Manual installation

  1. Download this plugin’s .zip file and extract it.
  2. Upload the extracted directory (absolute-addons) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your web server with your favorite ftp/sftp client.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

The WordPress codex contains more instructions on how to do this here.


Does it work with any theme?

Yes it works with any WordPress theme that works with Elementor.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes! yes it is!!

WooCommerce Support?

Absolute Addons For Elementor Fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.


22. awgusta 2021
this plugin very useful and help me build my website very easily and all features and function are remarkable also highly recommended 🙂
21. awgusta 2021
perfect and easy-to-use plugin, using this for few days I fall in love with this plugin. It is great for creating a FAQ, Testimonial, and many more. I would highly recommend everyone use it.
20. awgusta 2021
I found Absolute Addons For Elementor an amazing plugin and would highly recommend it. I found it easy to use and great for creating a FAQ, Testimonial, and more for my website, an excellent wp plugin.
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Protokol změnow

1.0.14 – 2022-07-06

  • Added: Template Favourite Feature.
  • Fixed: Advance Tab Style 7,8,9 responsive on tab and mobile issue.
  • Fixed: Portfolio Gallery4C responsive on tab and mobile issue.
  • Fixed: Portfolio Pro Grid content hidden and column gap on tab and mobile issue.
  • Fixed: All services widget has empty align-items css issue.
  • Fixed: Blog style 11 responsive, space issue, hover issue.
  • Fixed: All Blog style filter broken issue on tab and mobile device.
  • Fixed: Content card style 2: image size issue on smaller devices.
  • Fixed: All content card icon font issue.
  • Fixed: Team style 1, 2, 13 hover, image width issue on mobile, space issue on tablet device.
  • Fixed: Team Carousel 6: image width issue on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: FAQ Three Classic: mobile tab nav tab multiline issue.
  • Fixed: WC Product Grid Style 1: Product overflowing another product on hover.
  • Fixed: All type of slider: dots gap not working.
  • Fixed: All portfolio menu on mobile device is broken.
  • Tested: WordPress version 6.0
  • Fixed: Fixed Compatibility Issues (wp_readonly) .
  • Fixed: Controller missing issue for fun fact.
  • Fixed: List item css issue fixed.
  • Fixed: FAQ design four style issue fixed.

1.0.13 – 2022-05-22

  • Update: Removed elementor’s deprecated namespaces, class methods & hooks as per elementor’s requirements.
  • Fixed: Pro Widget (Category) goes missing after activating pro version.

1.0.12 – 2022-04-03

  • Changed: Added responsive option where it was missing with dimension related controllers.

1.0.11 – 2022-03-27

  • Update: Elementor Deprecated PHP Class Aliases
  • Changed: Icon box widget icon controller condition
  • Changed: Call to action widget icon controller condition
  • Changed: Fun fact widget icon controller condition
  • Changed: Counter widget icon controller condition
  • Changed: Call to action widget image controller condition
  • Changed: Content card widget image controller condition
  • Changed: Advanced tab widget image controller condition
  • Changed: Counter widget image controller condition
  • Changed: Countdown widget image controller conditions
  • Fixed: Counter widget background issue
  • Fixed: Counter widget box-shadow issue
  • Fixed: Counter widget border issue
  • Fixed: Counter widget border-radius issue
  • Changed: Team widget image controller condition
  • Changed: Image carousel widget icon condition
  • Changed: Info box widget icon condition
  • Changed: Multicolor heading widget icon condition

1.0.10 – 2022-03-13

  • Fixed: Tested WPCS and fixed coding standard violations.
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget toggle switch showing new widget as enabled after disabling.
  • Changed: Improve security while dynamically loading widget preset (php) files.
  • Fixed: Countdown widget was disabled.
  • Fixed: Team widget (style 13) hover effect position controller fixed.
  • Fixed: Content card read-more button & icon dependency condition fixed.
  • Changed: Counter widget controller labels are improved (renamed for better readability).
  • Fixed: Counter widget icon controller css & hover state output.
  • Fixed: Sweetalert2 type unknown console warning.

1.0.9 – 2022-02-28

  • Fixed: Dashboard Image External Source
  • Changed: Updated Sweet Alert2 Library
  • Fixed: Slider Arrow and dot Default Position
  • Fixed: Icon Box Icon size controller
  • Fixed: Slider Arrow and dot issues
  • Fixed: List Widget Issues
  • Fixed: Service Widget–13 controller issues
  • Fixed: Dual Button issues
  • Fixed: Widget Team Style One
  • Fixed: Team Style One

See changelog for all versions.