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VW Job Board


Wersija: 0.2.3

Poslednja aktualizacija: 9. 08. 2022

Aktiwne instalacije: 100+

PHP-wersija: 7.2 abo nowša

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VW Job Board is a stunning theme designed with a highly professional approach for websites that are related to job opportunities, job listings, recruitment, resumes, job careers, human resource management, employment, and job posting websites. It is crafted by WordPress experts with a sophisticated design having a minimal approach to depict the services with precision and get the entire focus on key elements. This theme is responsive to adjust seamlessly to every screen size and functions smoothly. You will have clean and secure codes that are thoroughly tested for speed and works to deliver faster page load time. A user-friendly interface will be beneficial for both experts as well as novices. This beautiful theme is made retina-ready displaying crisp images. It includes a Testimonial section, Team section, Banner, etc. and SEO-friendly codes that help in fetching you higher ranks in the search engines so that you get higher traffic coming to your website. The well-placed call to Action Button (CTA) will make sure that your conversion rates get better and better and also make the website interactive. It uses the powerful Bootstrap framework is used for its design. This modern free theme is made translation-ready with WPML and RTL compatibility and includes plenty of social media options. Demo:


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