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Transportation Shipment

Wot Themescaliber

To je dźěćaca drasta Logistic Transport.

Wersija: 1.0.2

Poslednja aktualizacija: 8. 08. 2022

Aktiwne instalacije: 100+

Wersija WordPress: 5.0 abo nowša

PHP-wersija: 5.6 abo nowša

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Transportation Shipment is designed for shipment companies, cargo, and logistics, freight transport, warehouses, logistics storage, moving companies, warehousing services, transportation companies, etc. This Free Theme has a clean and optimized design giving you a much more sophisticated look and the personalization options present with it make it suitable to be used as a multipurpose theme. It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows every user irrespective of their coding or web designing skills possessed, to create a professional website on their own. There is a beautiful slider included along with a banner and testimonial section for a fantastic display of your content. This theme is designed to be responsive so that your viewers will have an outstanding experience of viewing your website on several devices with perfection. The Call to Action Button (CTA) will work for better conversions as well as serve as a guide to the users. The optimized codes will make your web page load fast by giving a faster page load time. There are many social media icons that will allow you to get a fantastic website for promoting and taking your services to a global platform through social media platforms. It is created using the Bootstrap framework and makes use of wonderful CSS animation to make your website look incredible. Demo:

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