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Swimming Pool

Wot classictemplate

Wersija: 0.1.2

Poslednja aktualizacija: 10. 08. 2022

Aktiwne instalacije: 70+

PHP-wersija: 7.2 abo nowša

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Swimming Pool is an amazing WP theme with plenty of resources for creating a fine website representing pool cleaning and maintenance services, swimming pool construction companies, etc. This free theme comes with a clean and sophisticated design that can also suit the various maintenance services, handyman services, swimming pool websites, and a lot more. With an elegant design complementing your business very well, you will get a retina-ready and responsive layout for a perfect display of content and imagery. Besides that, it is user-friendly making it absolutely easy for beginners to create a fine website without worrying about the coding stuff. Its intuitive theme options panel is very helpful and besides that, you will get social media icons and highly optimzed codes that make the design lightweight and deliver a faster page load time. Call to Action Button (CTA) will take care of the conversions and make sure that your visitors find your website engaging. With a lot of personalization options included, you will get to transform a few aspects of the theme with ease. This theme is designed using the Bootstrap framework and uses stunning CSS animations. The codes are also made SEO-friendly so that you won’t have to take extra effort for getting a high amount of traffic.


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