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Grocery Shopping

Wot Misbah WP

Commercial Theme

This theme is free but offers additional paid commercial upgrades or support.

Wersija: 2.3

Poslednja aktualizacija: 23. 09. 2023

Aktiwne instalacije: 100+

Wersija WordPress: 5.0 abo nowša

PHP-wersija: 5.6 abo nowša

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Grocery Shopping is a phenomenal free WordPress theme for creating exceptional websites for a grocery store, online vegetables and grocery products, daily needs products, marketplace, agriculture products, vegetable and grocery supermarkets, food products, eCommerce stores, electronics stores, and any kind of online shops. With its highly sophisticated design and clean and retina-ready layout, there is possible to bring a wonderful website that looks elegant at the same time. You can be sure that your website looks good on several screens and most importantly, there are many personalization options given to you for making the changes. You can attract visitors by its catchy Banner and well-built sections such as Testimonials and Team. Highly optimized codes given in the design make the website lightweight giving faster page load time and the theme being SEO-friendly, you can easily get noticed on the online platform to get more visitors. This multipurpose theme is stunning as its interesting CSS animation makes it more lively. Interactive elements along with many Call To Action Buttons (CTA) will find a place on the slider and other sections. The Bootstrap framework gives it the best robust design that works well on every browser and WPML and RTL compliance of this theme makes it translation-ready.

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