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Catering Lite

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To je dźěćaca drasta Food Truck Lite.

Wersija: 0.1.1

Poslednja aktualizacija: 8. 07. 2022

Aktiwne instalacije: 100+

PHP-wersija: 7.2 abo nowša

Startowa strona drasty

Catering Lite is a free WordPress theme for creating wonderful websites for caterers, catering and food service providers, event planners, event catering, wedding planners and events agencies, food suppliers for special occasions, and relevant businesses. It is clean and user-friendly with some interesting features accompanied by a responsive design. It is crafted by professional web developers and has many personalization options included. This theme has a beautiful banner to show your content and various sections such as Team, Testimonial, etc. as well as a Call to Action Button (CTA) to take care of the conversion rates. This theme is made according to the latest WordPress standards and includes SEO-friendly codes so you never have to worry about your ranks in search engines and more and more traffic is going to get diverted to your website. Also, these codes are optimized for bringing a super lightweight website that loads quickly delivering a faster page load time. There are many interactive elements and attractive CSS animations and effects included to give a new dimension to your website. This free theme is built using the Bootstrap framework and has styling options and a responsive slider included. With plenty of display options as well as social media integration, you will be able to bring a functional website. Demo:


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