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Car Service

Wot classictemplate

Wersija: 5.1

Poslednja aktualizacija: 20. 11. 2023

Aktiwne instalacije: 200+

Wersija WordPress: 5.0 abo nowša

PHP-wersija: 5.6 abo nowša

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Car Service theme is suitable for small businesses like car services, auto parts, auto rental, auto dealer, jets rental, yachts rental, limousine, tyres, brakes hire, car rental. Also ideal for auto service applications, ranging from car repair shops, automobile showroom, car hire, wedding limo, driver hiring, car wash, Antitheft Locking Devices, Dashboard Figurines & Idols, Steering Wheel Covers, car shop, car dealership demo, directory & listings demo, car washes, off road vehicle, ATV, bike mechanic, limousine hire, mountain biking, mechanics shops, brakes shops, wheel shop, car dealers, garages and car rental agencies websites. It has a very eye-catching, elegant and modern design that you will definitely like. It is SEO-friendly as well as mobile-friendly theme. The responsive design fits well with all devices screen sizes. You have the option of adding shortcodes to improve the functionality of your website. Also, the theme is translation ready with RTL layout support. You get alot of customization and personalization features with this theme to help you create exactly the website you want. It is implemented on bootstrap framework and has optimized codes. It also has faster page load times. The social media option let’s you integrate all your social pages to your website.


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