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Best Free WordPress Travel Booking Plugin – Yatra

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Yatra is a free, SEO friendly & scalable WordPress travel booking plugin to create travel and tour packages for tour operators and travel agencies.

It’s really simple & easy to create trip, itinerary & trekking packages with the Yatra WordPress travel management plugin and supports different types of payment gateways so that it’s easy to accept payments. You can even modify your pricing as per trip date from the availability calendar.

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Yatra WordPress travel booking plugin features

  • Unlimited Travel & Tour Package with Activity & Destination pages
  • Easy & Smart booking process
  • Flexible/Dynamic Pricing with pricing label
  • Dynamic frontend tabs
  • Availability calendar with dynamic day-wise pricing
  • Booking Calendar
  • Enquiry form
  • Unlimited Travel and Tour Categories
  • Translation Ready: The plugin is fully translation ready. So feel free to your website in any language.
  • Email notification
  • Smart Tags for the email message
  • PayPal Payment gateway
  • My account section
  • Separate customer section
  • Discount Coupon
  • Tax Option
  • Import/Export
  • Unlimited itineraries
  • Booking & Enquiry notification email
  • Advanced search & filter
  • Mini cart

Premium Payment Gateway Extensions/Addons

Other Premium Extensions/Addons

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Shortcode for Checkout Page:


Shortcode for Cart Page:


Shortcode for My Account Page:


Shortcode for Activity Listing:

[yatra_activity order="desc"]

Shortcode for Destination Listing:

[yatra_destination order="desc"]

Shortcode for Discount & Deals Listing:

[yatra_discount_and_deals order="asc"]

Shortcode for Tour Listing:

[yatra_tour order="asc" featured="1" posts_per_page="5"]

Shortcode for Mini Cart:


Shortcode for Search:


Smart Tags For Booking Notification Email

  • {{home_url}} : Get home page url
  • {{blog_info}} : Get blog info of a website
  • {{booking_code}} : Get booking code of specific booking
  • {{booking_status}} : Get current booking status of specific booking
  • {{booking_tours_count}} : Total tour count on specific booking
  • {{total_number_of_persons}} : Get total number of persons on the specific booking.
  • {{gross_booking_price}} : Get current booking gross price of specific booking.
  • {{discount}} : Get discount amount of specific booking.
  • {{net_booking_price}} : Get current booking net price of specific booking.
    To show the tour list, You need to wrap as follows.
    You have to start and end tour_list_loop by using {{tour_lists_loop_start}} and {{tour_lists_loop_end}} to use the {{tour_name}}, {{tour_date}} and {{number_of_person}}.
  • {{tour_lists_loop_start}}
    • {{tour_name}} – Name of the particular tour
    • {{tour_date}} – Tour Date ( which was selected by user while booking the tour package )
    • {{number_of_person}} – Number of person ( which was enter by user while booking the tour package )
    • {{total_tour_price}} – Total tour price for individual tour
  • {{tour_lists_loop_end}}
  • {{customer_name}} : Get customer name of specific booking
  • {{customer_email}} : Get customer email of specific booking
  • {{customer_phone_number}} : Get customer phone number of specific booking
  • {{customer_country}} : Get customer country of specific booking

Smart Tags For Enquiry Notification Email

  • {{home_url}} : Get home page url
  • {{blog_info}} : Get blog info of a website
  • {{enquiry_fullname}} : Get Full name from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_tour_name}} : Get selected tour name from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_email}} : Get email used to submit enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_country}} : Get selected country from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_phone_number}} : Phone number from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_number_of_adults}} : Number of adults from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_number_of_childs}} : Number of childs from enquiry form
  • {{enquiry_message}} : Enquiry message
  • {{enquiry_subject}} : Enquiry subject
  • {{enquiry_date}} : Date of enquiry form submission


  • Resa by MantraBrain



Fota wobrazowki

  • Add a new tour option - Backend
  • Add new tour with custom attributes - Backend
  • Add a new tour and manage frontend tabs while creating a new tour - Backend
  • Custom destination create option - Backend
  • Custom activity create option - Backend
  • Customer enquiries - Backend
  • Booking listing page - Backend
  • Booking view option - Backend
  • General setting page - Backend
  • Dynamic Tab Setting - Backend
  • Availability options - Backend
  • Dynamic day wise pricing as per availability - Backend
  • Tour Single Page with booking calendar
  • Enquiry form - frontend
  • Frontend Tour Tab view
  • Yatra Cart Page
  • Yatra Checkout Page


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  • Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Booking System, Trip Booking WordPress Plugin - Yatra
  • Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Booking System, Trip Booking WordPress Plugin - Yatra
  • Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Booking System, Trip Booking WordPress Plugin - Yatra


Does the plugin work with any WordPress themes?

Yes, Yatra WordPress Travel plugin is designed to work with any themes that have been coded following WordPress guidelines.

Do you have any written documentation about the Yatra WordPress plugin?

Yes, we have. Check out this documentation

Where can I report bugs?

You can Report bugs on the Yatra GitHub repository. You can also notify us via our email at directly.

Do I need to have coding skills to use the Yatra WordPress plugin?

No, you don’t need any coding skills. You can create unlimited tour packages with availability option & sell those packages easily.


28. decembra 2022
I've been using it short time, but it is easy to manage, everything works great, I would recommend it to everyone!Keep up the good work guys!
1. meje 2022 1 reply
I am happy with the plugin and the deal I got from the company. The plugin consists of advanced features that I was looking for. Speaking with the service team helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Indeed, quick response the of the service team impressed me and they deserve thanks!
12. apryla 2022 1 reply
It took me a long time to find a suitable plugin to take payments and desposits for bookings for my wine tours business. Hotel plugins like Vikbooking looked and felt amazing but always had 'room' options that I didnt want and couldnt edit, and other popular booking forms just didnt allow me to create the Tours (items) that I wanted. If I had known about Yatra from the start it would have saved me downloading, trying out and deactivating dozens of other booking/payment plugins- trust me I have tried out all the most popular ones from the search engine and it took me a couple of days of trial and error with much frustration before I finally found Yatra.. but even though I am a complete beginner (with only one website that I have built to help me run my own business) I have still found it really simple to intergate all of the options that I need. It's very satisfying to see little changes you make in the back end come alive on the actual website itself with such little effort, Yatra is uncomplicated and really brings your ideas to life.. it is quite basic, doesnt have a flashy looking appearance but more importantly it works perfectly. And lastly, the customer service is great, really fast, 100% human and you start a conversation with someone immediately.
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Protokol změnow

= 2.1.13 | 2023-02-19
* Added – Page header ( on admin ) for all yatra pages
* Added – Order by date added on archive page
* Added – New smart tag added
* Added – Shortcode support on tabs & custom tabs
* Added – CSS class added for sidebar filter blocks
* Added – Powered by link added on email template
* Update – Pagination icon issue fixed
* Update – Email template design enhancement
* Fixed – Setting link issue resolved
* Fixed – Tour update message issue fixed
* Fixed – Cart issue fixed