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WordPress WooCommerce支付宝个人版


此插件适合无营业执照的个人网站使用,仅限个人用户使用。企业用户请购买企业版:WordPress WooCommerce支付宝全平台企业版


  • 支持PC端扫码支付
  • 支持手机网站H5支付
  • 真正的微信和支付宝个人版即时到账支付接口,任意金额,即时到账,100%资金安全,支付宝官方清算,低费率,无需人工操作,是个人收款的最佳解决方案。
  • 接入流程:先注册:https://admin.xunhupay.com 再签约
  • 使用教程完整版:https://www.xunhupay.com/147.html
  • 插件下载:https://www.xunhupay.com/plugin.html
  • 常见问题:https://www.xunhupay.com/faq.html


  • Project url in GitHub:https://github.com/xunhuweb/xunhu-alipay-payment-for-WooCommerce

Support Mail:

  • Mailbox: jeff@xunhuweb.com or QQ:11159526

Remove plugin

  1. Deactivate plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  2. Delete plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


  1. 先安装WooCommerce插件
  2. 安装 „xunhu-wechat-payment-for-WooCommerce“ 插件并激活
  3. 在虎皮椒平台注册账号
  4. 申请支付宝收款渠道
  5. 创建网站应用,获取APPID和secret
  6. 在插件设置中填入APPID和secret


  1. Q:我是个人用户能使用吗?A:可以,不需要营业执照,需要ICP备案。
  2. Q:支持哪些个人支付通道?A:目前支持虎皮椒支付和WP开放平台(托管)支付通道


13. měrca 2018
This plugin is made by a company who uses their company-registered Alipay account to ‚help you‘ receive payments by diverting the payments to their own account. I was told that when the incoming payments reach CNY 50, the sum would be automatically repaid to my own individual Alipay account, but when I tried to test to make this happen, the plugin mysteriously stopped working and their support told me that it was a short-term issue, i could pay with WeChat instead. But WeChat is a totally different platform from Alipay, not sure how they can both work in one plugin but it’s totally fishy to me and now I have lost money. Also, after the initial login to their plugin backend, i was never able to login again, it said the e-mail address i used to register was never registered, and when i asked their support i was not helped at all.
12. januara 2017
My website 4 language, 5 currency, so I want adding Alipay payment to my site but cannot. Please adding multi currency function like below BTC plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gourl-woocommerce-bitcoin-altcoin-payment-gateway-addon/ thanks!
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