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TikTok Feed is the ultimate plugin to display custom TikTok feeds of TikTok page on your website.

Integrating customized content to your WordPress website from TikTok can’t be any easier when using TikTok Feed plugin. It provides features to display a wide range of content from any page with full control over the content length, type and styling.

Whether you want to display an entire timeline of the feed with all its content, or just specific videos from it, you can easily do that. Each of the content type has its display views available and its own set of settings that you can fully customize.


  • No feed limitations – TikTok Feed plugin lets you display unlimited number of feeds on every post and page. You can have different feeds based TikTok pages within the same page or post.
  • User engagement – TikTok is a social media giant and most probably a great majority of your site visitors uses it on a daily basis. Displaying feeds with relevant content is definitely going to increase user engagement of your posts and have your visitors stay on your website way longer.
  • Go social – Your posts might be really interesting and engaging, but a little bit of content from TikTok won’t do any harm. You can support your posts with relevant content from TikTok and actually make your posts and pages look more interesting and fun.
  • Customization – There are wide range of feed customizing options in the plugin to make sure your feeds don’t look boring. Depending on the content type you want to display you can choose between different layout options.
  • Awesome support at your disposal – The team behind TikTok Feed provides timely and effective support to all its users. We keep standards high and response time low.

What's in it


Displayed feeds are responsive and scale perfectly to any screen.


You can display as many feeds within the same post or page.


Feed content will be automatically updated within the provided time period.


TikTok Feed plugin comes with a number of feed display layouts – Thumbnail, Blog Style, Masonry and Slideshow views for TikTok videos. The Masonry and Slideshow views are available in the premium version, and vary depending on the content type you want to display.

Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to premium feature summary below.

Adding feeds is just a matter of a few clicks. You just click on the Add new button from the feeds section of the plugin, and a new window with four view tabs will open, including settings for the feed. From the Account and View Type section you set the TikTok Account and view type to create a feed with. In the main settings, you can also choose different settings according to your needs.


If you think you found a bug in the plugin or have any problem/question concerning this plugin, please check out [Support Forum].

Privacy Policy

The plugin uses TikTok API to get public data from TikTok. All the received data is cached in WordPress database for some short customizable period to provide optimization. You can delete or update cached data.


31. januara 2023
A suggestion that instead of just embedding videos from tiktok, it would be possible to add my hosted videos, I would have the layout of tiktok, but the videos would be from my own website or object storage would be cool since there is no plugin that does this
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