Tutón tykač je so dnja 17. awgusta 2023 zawrěł a njeje za sćehnjenje k dispoziciji. Tute zawrjenje je nachwilne, čaka so na dospołne přepruwowanje.


27. nowembra 2022
If you're looking for a dashboard for WooCommerce data reporting and analytics, Putler is an excellent choice. This plugin allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to Putler so it can import your data for analysis. It recently started reporting an error in the server logs. I raised the issue with the Putler support team and got a fix back in a couple of days. Highly recommended!
11. septembra 2022
I found a bug, and the support team solves it in the portal update. Very good experience
27. meje 2021
It has been my pleasure to work with this tool for over 5 years - and it simply gets better and better. And lately, I must say that the support from the team has been simply amazing. I simply wish Putler the very best - its a great product - buy it now 🙂
8. meje 2021
It's really the best option out there in terms of value for money and ease of integration. Apart from that, they have excellent customer service so whenever you have any problems or questions, they get it sorted out at lightning speed.
9. apryla 2021
Since 2017 we use putler to consolidate our sales from different plaforms & payment systems. We gather data from Woocommerce sales, ebay, paypal, stripe in one convenient place. Putler's Support is nice and responsive, always listening to the customer remarks. The putler platform has evolved a lot and we have upgraded our plan to support more datasource and data retention and we will definitely be using more and more the unique & interesting features offered by Putler. Special thanks to Andrea & Nirav at Putler for their investment in customer satisfaction fulfillment and the quality of their help.
23. februara 2021
I have used Putler every day for a few years now. I love how all my sales information is so quickly accessible and sortable in Putler. I can do sales research and analysis quickly and effortlessly, even going back years. Pre-Putler I was endlessly (and slowly) exporting records from my Woocommerce shop and trying to stitch them together in a spreadsheet and then analysing them with pivot tables. Now I can select my dates and the information is there and charted for me. The automatic RFM analysis of customers is super useful and identifies the different segments of my customers so that I can customise my marketing to each segment. Putler does an amazing job of seamlessly consolidating all my data across my Woocommerce store, PayPal and Stripe accounts. The team is constantly working on making Putler better and is always willing to listen to any and all feedback.
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