Spanish Market Enhancements for WooCommerce


* It adds VAT info in forms fields, Orders, and email notification.
* Remove shipping methods when free is possible.
* Adds Terms and conditions in registration page.
* It gives you the option to activate optimization in the checkout. It changes the Checkout for better conversion.

Furthermore, this plugin includes the Woocommerce Translation from some plugins that translate it.
* WooCommerce Email Cart Send Carts by Email to users
* WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form
* WooCommerce Shipping Table Rate
* WooCommerce Brands
* WooCommerce SEPA Direct Sell tickets in your WooCommerce store.

And you will find this plugins translated in premium version WPSPA Translations:
– Cart to Quote for WooCommerce v1.0.13 (61%)
– Follow Up Emails v4.9.8 (54%)
– Fooevents Express checkin v1.12.3 (100%)
– Fooevents Tickets PDF v1.2.9 (100%)
– FS WooCommerce Wallet v2.6.5 (44%)
– Multi Order for WooCommerce PRO v (64%)
– Recover Abandoned Cart WooCommerce v22.6 (58%)
– Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce v2.0.5 (30%)
– WCMP WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.9.2 (7%)
– WCMP WooCommerce Product Manager v3.1.5 (32%)
– WooCommerce Advanced Quantity v3.0.2 (100%)
– WooCommerce API Manager v2.3.5 (14%)
– WooCommerce Brands v1.6.21 (100%)
– WooCommerce Composite Products v7.1.2 (100%)
– WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.3 (78%)
– Fooevents v1.12.3 (32%)
– WooCommerce Force Sells v1.1.27 (93%)
– WooCommerce Google Product v9.3.2 (53%)
– WooCommerce Memberships v1.19.2 (100%)
– WooCommerce Min Max Quantities v2.4.20 (28%)
– WooCommerce Product Addons v3.1.0 (98%)
– WooCommerce Product Reviews PRO v1.16.2 (85%)
– WooCommerce Products Filter v2.2.4 (45%)
– WooCommerce Waitlist v2.2.2 (90%)
– WooCommerce Wishlists v2.2.2 (100%)
– WooCommerce Local PickUP Plus v2.9.2 (100%)
– WooTour v3.2.5 (100%)
– WooCommerce Deposits v1.5.2 (100%)
– WooCommerce One Page Checkout v1.7.8 (100%)

This plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin




Closemarketing plugins


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

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Protokol změnow


  • Tweak: Improve the NIF value retrieval.


  • Fix fatal error related with the VAT Number injection in PDF Invoices. Thanks to Yordan Soares and Alexandre.


  • Updated list of premium plugins translated.
  • Removed WooCommerce subscriptions Free.
  • Removed Freemius.


  • Fixes admin url for addons.


  • Fixes bug.


  • New version with Language Addons!
  • New Settings Page.
  • Remove free shipping.
  • Adds Terms and conditions in registration page.


  • Fixed error in email.
  • Updated and tested versions.


  • Tested versions and update readme.


  • Fixed fatal error.


  • Hide shipping rates when free shipping is available.
  • Fixed for WooCommerce 3.5.
  • Better management of checkout page.
  • Added VAT Field in email WooCommerce notification.


  • Added option to remove company field.
  • Added option to show/not show VAT Field.


  • Added translation for Woocommerce Memberships, Subscriptions, Events plugin and SEPA direct debit.


  • Adds an option in Woocommerce / General Options to Optimize the checkout for better conversion.


  • Add an option in Woocommerce / General Options to make it mandatory VAT info field.


  • Debugged methods and make new version.


  • Require VAT in order in admin and frontend.


  • Initial release