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Wayra – Click to Order or Chat


Show a floating WhatsApp button and WooCommerce „Ask in WhatsApp“ buttons, get customer interaction and sell more. Lightweight and simple plugin.

Put your WhatsApp number, 3 clicks and it’s ready to use.

You can use floating button, WooCommerce buttons or both.

This plugin no affect your site speed or Google Page Speed result.

Is Spanish and English ready.

Floating WhatsApp button

Configure your ‚WhatsApp‘ or ‚WhatsApp Business‘ Number. And let costumer chat easily with you.

You can add a message when user mouse hover, like a „Chat with us!“ and add a custom message when they click.

Mobile: On click open WhatsApp App.

Desktop: On click open WhatsApp Web (web.whatsapp.com).

Choose between two different buttons styles.

If you prefer, you can hide this button on mobile.

WooCommerce integration

Here there are many integration posibilities.

You can show WhatsApp button on:
* Purchasable products
* Not Purchasable products (products without stock or price) This option is useful for online catalog, without billing process.
* Products on Store, Category, Tag, or Search results
* Cart (to ask for all products on cart)

We add extra functionality to remove Add to Cart buttons on entire store and remove Proceed to Checkout button on Cart and mini cart too.

Pre-filled and fully customizable Messages

For WooCommerce buttons you can config the call-to-action text and use templates tags for message, customize whatever you want.

When you install the plugin we pre-fill Spanish or English message in base of your language config.

You can use differents tags to make your message.

{{title}} -> Product Title
{{attributes}} -> Product attributes in variable products. Show each attribute and value in separated lines.
{{price}} -> Product Price
{{url}} -> Product page URL
{{quantity}} -> Product quantity (for Cart button only)
{{subtotal}} -> Product subtotal (for Cart button only)
{{SKU}} -> Product SKU


Avialble in this languages:
* English (default)
* Spanish (Spanish)
* Spanish (Argentina)
* Spanish (Uruguay)
* Spanish (Chile)
* Spanish (Perú)
* Spanish (Venezuela)
* Spanish (Colombia)
* Spanish (Costa Rica)
* Spanish (Guatemala)
* Spanish (Mexico)
* Spanish (Puerto Rico)
* Italian (Italy) – Translated by Nicola Casas


Clean and very light weight. We love simplicity and efficience.

This plugin no affect your site speed or Google Page Speed result.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Config your WhatsApp number and floating button settings
  • WooCommerce – Select the global options, and the product options
  • WooCommerce – Select the cart options
  • Floating and product button on Spanish configuration
  • Cart button on Spanish configuration
  • Button on product when Add to Cart button is removed
  • This plugin no affect your PageSpeed results
  • Messages that you recive from the buttons
  • WooCommerce – cart options in Spanish


From Dashboard ( WordPress admin )

  • plugins -> Add New
  • search for ‚Wayra Click to Order or Chat‘
  • click on Install Now and then Active.

using FTP or similar

  • Unzip „wayra-click-to-order-or-chat“ file and
  • Upload „wayra-click-to-order-or-chat“ folder to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress.


WhatsApp Number

Enter the WhatsApp starting with country code

country code 54 (for Argentina) don’t add the +
number: 2926443322
* Enter: 542926443322 *

CSS Styles customization

We add and extra class in each type of button, then you can simple add your style there.

For example for customize the product button use: .wayra-coc-product

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Clear cache (or disable and enable cache plugin)
  • Check WhatsApp number entered with country code
  • Check Show/Hide settings

For any queries, please contact us.

Contact and Support

For any issues with the plugin or suggestions:

  • please create a new topic

  • plugins@wayramarketing.com.ar

Give Support

If you like this plugin and is useful for you, please support us by giving 5 star rating

Thank you so much from Wayra Marketing team!.


1. decembra 2022
Me parece un trabajo increible felicidades… Se podria añadir 2 telefonos…imaginemos que uno no funciona o esta fuera de cobertura…? O uno para El gerente y otro para el Enpaquetador..? Pago Cafe,Donuts…
15. apryla 2022
Excelente, lo vengo usando hace bastante, los felicito y recomiendo a todos quienes necesiten cambiar el boton de comprar por el de whatsapp.
21. awgusta 2021
todo excelente gran plugin, lo único es que cuando las personas están en la sección del carrito, al final al ir a WhatsApp a hacer el pedido la información les llega sin la sección de atributos variables {{attributes}} intext:“Plugin: Wayra – Click to Order or Chat“ si lo corriges te invito a un gran cafe en Paypal
13. apryla 2021
very good and useful plugin, lightweight, and has many customizations. the best about this plugin is the great and quick support by the author Juan Acebal. Gracias Juan
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Protokol změnow


Fix WhatsApp link and add filter hook.


Fix problem to send price of variable products.


  • Fix problem with variable products when have a default variation
  • Add extra filter wayra_coc_whatsapp_link to use your preferer WhatsApp link


  • Add an option to redirect the Store to specific page after Cart was clear by the plugin
  • Add support {{attributes}} tag on Cart template for variable products


  • Add an option to clear Cart after click on WhatsApp Cart button


  • Add support for variable products
  • Add italian language


  • Fix PHP warnings and fix translations


  • Fix translations, add SKU tag in messages.


  • Initial release.