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Verbingo Translator


This plugin is based on Verbingo API which services over 100 languages! The plugin allows for instant html page translation and also allows the user to load a file and get a translated file back (via email). Both types of translation are machine-based (MT). First-time translations may display slowly depending on the size and complexity of the page. After the first time, the data for that page gets loaded in the database which allows translations on subsequent visits to appear very quickly.
Html translation can be edited by the user from the admin interface. File translations allow translation of popular file formats like MS Word, PDF, IDML, txt, html etc.
For any and all questions or assistance regarding this plugin or additional translation services, Verbatim Solutions is standing by to help. For further information please contact us on tim@verbatimsolutions.com.
To display the file upload interface, use the shortcode [verbingo_translate].


More than 100 Languages are available.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Languages can be selected from this screen.
  • This screen shot display the file upload interface. when admin adds shortcode, then users can see this interface
  • This is the Editor Screen. Admin can edit translation here.


Copy the plugin in plugin folder and then activate it from the admin side.
After installation please add shortcode [verbingo_translate] on your website page for displaying the file upload interface.
In this case file will be send to our website and response translated file will be sent on your email


Why am I not receiving Translated File?

1) Look also in your junk/spam folder.

2) Check info about installation and check shortcode for mistakes.


8. februara 2017
This plugin provides a FREE translation of my website. I can get my message out to the ENTIRE WORLD with a simple install. I LOVE that this plugin is backed by a translation agency providing full localization services to help me as I grow! Verbatim Solutions EMPOWERS me to expand my business and reach everyone!
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