Tutón tykač njeje so z najnowšimi 3 hłownymi wersijemi WordPress testował. Snano so hižo njewothladuje abo njepodpěruje a ma problemy z kompatibelnosću, hdyž so z nowšimi wersijemi WordPress wužiwa.

Vacant Line BReaker


This plugin changes the WordPress’s native formatting rules to keep the numbers of the line breaks you wrote.
It adds <br /> tags as many as line breaks in posts, comments, or both, even if the line was vacant.
You can change the settings below in the admin panel. For example: you can choose to add <p> tags for wrapping the paragraphs or not.


You can choose settings below.

  1. Choose the target area: in posts, comments, or both(default).
  2. Choose the breaking tag format: <br />(default) or <br>.
  3. Choose the tag which the paragraphs will be wrapped with: <p> tag(default) or none.
  4. Shortcodes that you want to exclude from <p> tag wrapping.
    This doesn’t work if you choose „none“ in option #3.
    Default is only „caption“ but you can set multiple shortcodes separating „|“. Ex. „caption|map“


This plugin doesn’t work with the Visual Editor, so far.

For Japanese users

このプラグインは行末に<br />を追加します。
記事投稿時の改行の数だけ<br />が追加されます。

Fota wobrazowki

  • Edit settings through the ‚Settings‘ menu as you like.


  1. Upload ‚vacant-line-breaker‘ folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Edit settings through the ‚Settings‘ menu as you like


Can I use this plugin with the Visual Editor?

Unfortunately, no.

This plugin changes data in DB?

No. This plugin changes no data in DB. This plugin just changes a little the WordPress’s native formatting rules when a post or a comment is shown in page.


Za tutón tykač pohódnoćenja njejsu.

Sobuskutkowarjo a wuwiwarjo

„Vacant Line BReaker“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow


  • Add p tag after shortcodes.


  • Fixed problems with closing tags.


  • Fixed problems with video.


  • Fixed problems with single tags.


  • Add an option for shortcodes.


  • Available in Japanese.


  • First release.