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Trustpilot Reviews


What is Trustpilot?

Grow and show brand trust with Trustpilot reviews.

Trustpilot is the leading independent review platform – free and open to all. With more than 50 million reviews of over 250,000 companies, Trustpilot gives people a place to share and discover reviews of businesses, while giving every business the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results. Come join us!

Trustpilot WooCommerce plugin

World`s most effective review solution is now available with free WooCommerce plugin.

Install Trustpilot’s WooCommerce plugin

Configure Trustpilot’s WooCommerce plugin

Trustpilot’s plugin allows you to automate your review collection for service and product reviews. You can also add a TrustBox widget using the plugin and invite past customers to write reviews.

Features of Trustpilot Reviews

  • Automate your review requests — a new order automatically triggers an email to your customer, requesting that they review your company on Trustpilot.
  • Send requests to your past customers in one go!
  • Add multiple TrustBox widgets using the plugin – simply drag and drop them for an instant preview
  • Rearrange, customize, and publish widgets without any code changes
  • Add TrustBoxes to different pages of your website
  • It’s free!

Fota wobrazowki

  • Automate your reviews
  • Display your reviews
  • Collect reviews from your past customers
  • Enable product review invitations


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 3.5.1 or greater
  • PHP version 5.2.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or greater

Connect your WooCommerce web store with Trustpilot in 2 easy steps

  • Download the WooCommerce plugin to your computer.
  • Upload and activate the plugin in your web store.

Find step-by-step guide here


How much does Trustpilot cost?

Trustpilot review plugin is completely free and always will be.

How do I work with the reviews I received?

If you want to learn more about how you can work with the reviews you have received, you can visit Trustpilot support site

I need support

There are a number of ways to get in touch with the Support Team at Trustpilot – including Contact Form, Live Chat and Phone – but we recommend first having a look on our dedicated support site, support.trustpilot.com, where you will find plenty of up-to-date articles and guides on many relevant issues regarding your account and Trustpilot.


14. februara 2023
I have three accounts setup to work with different websites, but each time I log into an account for the website the plugin is installed on it logs me out of the plugin on my other websites. This is actually bizarre as it appears the plugin is using either the browser cache for account info or is actively tracking your IP. Why is this plugin setup to work this way? The only answer I an think of is to force you on to the only paid plan which costs around £2k a year which blows my mind that this is their only pricing model. The amount of business they are missing out on from start-ups and small companies is huge. But what do you get for that 2k a year? Some useless software that allows you to track how your competition is doing, a badge that doesn't work on some browsers and some other pointless things I browsed over when going over a clients TP instal. Ive seen nothing that justifies £2k a year. For the single site I am running this on, it works. You log in, setup review requests and boom. the actual badge options are hilariously limited, so I just coded in a coloured button and dropped a star PNG into the footer of the site. Does the same thing and doesnt break the layout. This plugin, along with their premium offering and poor customer service (they will only get in touch when it comes to renewal time) leaves a lot to be desired.
13. januara 2023
The free version is unusable and the paid licenses are really very expensive. The plugin has a lot of bugs
13. januara 2023
Trustpilot plugin is not compatible with Wordpress/Woocommerce native review system. This means that if you stop using Trustpilot, you loose every review for your service and every review for your woocommerce products. You need to embed Trustpilot into your wordpress/woocommerce template and this way it is messy and with some theme, this causes problems. With Trustpilot you are not in control of your reviews. If someone gives you bad rating that is most of the time overexaggerated and based on a lie, you cant delete it. What you can do is to flag these for Trustpilot for them to make the decision should the review be deleted or not. Imagine, people who dont know the true story around what has happened, decide crucial decisions for you. You will always get the same copy pasted answer why they wont delete bad rating. If you are a small business owner, you dont afford this kind of review system. To get most out of Trustpilot you need to buy premium service from them and it is really costly, up to hundrers of euros per month and in the end, this is just a review plugin. Trustpilot is sky high, bad plugin, bad service and the most expensive review plugin around. You get 10 times of better wp review plugins for 50 euros per year.... Stay away from this!
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„Trustpilot Reviews“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow

2.5.914 – 07/12/2022

  • Fixed uninstall issue.
  • Security improvements.

2.5.901 – 02/15/2022

  • Dynamic Trustbox script.
  • Security improvements. Check permissions before updating settings.
  • Cleanup all the settings on plugin uninstall.

2.5.888 – 07/09/2021

  • PHP 8 support

2.5.886 – 24/08/2021

  • Fixing blank screen issue

2.5.857 – 02/07/2021

  • The latest WordPress version support
  • The latest Woocommerce version support

2.5.823 – 28/04/2021

  • PHP 8 support

2.5.808 – 22/06/2020

  • Load javascript files asynchronously
  • Cleanup html from product data.
  • Collect product variation image

2.5.800 – 12/02/2020

  • Drag and drop product review widgets and ‚apply to all products‘ on the product category pages
  • Small bug fixes.

2.5.784 – 05/12/2019

  • Fixed the issue on checkout page
  • Minify all javascript & css files

2.5.777 – 13/11/2019

  • Use TrustBox functionality without having WooCommerce plugin
  • Small bug fixes.

2.5.735 – 16/09/2019

  • Improvements on TrustBox render time

2.5.733 – 12/09/2019

  • Improvements to Product Reviews
  • Fixed small error logging issues

2.5.725 – 07/08/2019

  • Pre-filled Trustpilot sign-up form & automatic domain claim for new users
  • Fixed small bugs

2.5.695 – 09/05/2019

  • If you have translated your shop into multiple languages, you can now map them with multiple languages of invitation templates.
  • If you are making use of Product Reviews feature, you can now quickly check that you have set up all the required product data to successfully invite your customers to leave reviews.
  • Improved product reviews functionality.

2.5.649 – 19/03/2019

  • Fixed multisite issues

2.5.626 – 03/01/2019

  • Drag and drop TrustBoxes for an instant preview
  • Rearrange, customise, and publish without any code changes
  • Add multiple TrustBoxes at the same time
  • Add TrustBoxes to different pages of your website

1.0.558 – 30/10/2018

  • Initial Release.