Gecka Submenu

Submenu autopopulates any nav menu page item with its children and allows to put menus,…

Gecka Apps, Gecka 4.000+ aktiwnych instalacijow Testowany z 4.4.32 Čas wot aktualizacije: 8 lět

Child Theme Check

Warns you about outdated template files in your child theme and shows a diff view…

Torsten Landsiedel 900+ aktiwnych instalacijow Testowany z 5.7.11 Čas wot aktualizacije: 3 lěta

Child Themes Helper

Copies parent theme files to a child theme while maintaining the correct folder/subfolder structure in…

Paul A. Swarthout 100+ aktiwnych instalacijow Testowany z 6.3.3 Čas wot aktualizacije: 6 měsacow

Remove Parents

Remove Parents is a tiny plugin which remove "category" and parent categories from permalink.

Alekc 100+ aktiwnych instalacijow Testowany z 2.3 Čas wot aktualizacije: 16 lět

PS Sub-pages

Shows the child pages of the current page. Configurable title, show siblings (or not), and…

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