Tutón tykač njeje so z najnowšimi 3 hłownymi wersijemi WordPress testował. Snano so hižo njewothladuje abo njepodpěruje a ma problemy z kompatibelnosću, hdyž so z nowšimi wersijemi WordPress wužiwa.



With Survais you can easily ask questions directly, gather email addresses, gather feedback, provide call to actions, provide information, and embed social services such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Available types of Survais:

  • Standard MCQ (between 2-5 answers per question)
  • Social Slides (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud)
  • Email Address / Lead Capturing Slides
  • Call to Action Slides
  • Information Slides
  • Feedback Slides

Sign up and create/manage Survais at www.survais.com

Fota wobrazowki

  • Login to display all your Survais
  • An example user showing they have a Survai created via the dashboard at (www.survais.com/app) and can be enabled
  • An example user showing the view after a Survai has been enabled


  1. Unzip the plugin file and upload the ‚survais‘ folder to your ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Ensure this results in ‚/wp-content/plugins/survais/‘
  3. Activate the plugin via the „Dashboard – Plugins“ admin page
  4. Sign in to the Survais plugin / or Register for a Survais account and manage your Survais from there
  • No additional code is required – This Survais plugin will add the enabled Survais automatically to every page of your website.


Where do I create/manage my Survais?

Create and manage your Survais via the Survais Dashboard over at https://www.survais.com/app

Does this enable Survais on every page?


If every Survai is disabled, will anything happen?


Is Survais mobile friendly?



Za tutón tykač pohódnoćenja njejsu.

Sobuskutkowarjo a wuwiwarjo

„Survais“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow


  • Updated to work with new Survais 2.0


  • Initial release