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WordPress REST API FNS plugin to connect Mobile Application using REST API to WordPress featurs. right now we created API for users.
register user, login, reset password, update users, change password.
Just you follow the way of creation API and you can customize plugin code and modify according to your requirement.

PHP, the WP REST API is an attempt to create a bridge between the legacy of the PHP WordPress core and the potential and power of JavaScript web applications, as well as native mobile and desktop applications.

we began to take advantage of other HTTP requests, including GET PUT, POST, and DELETE.d.

Ordered list:

  1. User Registration API
  2. User Login API
  3. Change Password and Rest Password API

Support: vivek2tamrakar@gmail.com


  1. Upload „rest-api-fns folder“ to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress.


What The base url of API


How i can change routing of API ?

right now no option to chaneg from backend you have to change from core file of plugin.
in next release give teh option in backend


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