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Spam is one thing, but trolls and sock puppets are another. Sometimes people just decide they’re going to be jerks and create multiple accounts with which to harass your honest users. This plugin helps you fight back by logging the IP address used at the time of creation.

Log into your WP install as an Admin and you can look at their profile or the users table to see what it is. For security purposes a user’s own IP is not displayed to them when they look at their own profile.

Privacy Notes

This plugin adds additional data to a new user’s wp_usermeta data under the signup_ip key. This data is directly tied to the user account, and is only editable via the database. Should a user account be deleted from the site, the data will be automatically deleted.

No external data is transmitted, it all stays on your install.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Single Site (regular users menu)
  • Multisite (Network Admin -> Users menu)


No special activation needed.


Why do some IPs have an asterisk by them?

Due to the nature of how IPs can be tracked, there is always room for error and manipulation by the unsavory sort.

It is absolutely possible that someone may falsify the data by editing the x-forwarded-for header, causing the saved IP to be incorrect. Sadly, this is not something that is trivial to fix as doing so can cause anyone on a Managed WordPress host with a proxy service to break. If you don’t know that’s the case, disabling support for x-forwarded-for may result in all the IPs having the same value as your server.

It is, therefore, my intentional choice to not remove support, but instead to flag all IPs that have been set via x-forwarded-for with the aforementioned asterisk.

If, however, YOU wish to prohibit the x-forwarded-for header, you may do so by adding this define to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'REGISTER_UP_NO_FORWARD', true );

There are no plans to incorporate this into an option page at this time.

Why do some users say „None Recorded“?

This is because the user was registered before the plugin was installed and/or activated.

Why are all the IPs the same?

Likely you’ve disabled the use of the x-forwarded-for header.

Either delete this line from your wp-config.php file, or change true to false:

define( 'REGISTER_UP_NO_FORWARD', true );

Be aware, setting this to true means people can fake IPs more easily.

Who can see the IP?

Admins and Network Admins.

Does this work on MultiSite?

Yes it does! In fact, this was designed for multisite.

As it happened, there was already a plugin called „Register IP“, but it didn’t work on MultiSite. I was originally just going to make this a MultiSite-only install, but then I thought ‚Why not just go full bore!‘ Of course, I decided that AFTER I requested the name and you can’t change names. So you can laugh.

Does this work with BuddyPress?

It works with BuddyPress on Multisite, so I presume single-site as well. If not, let me know!

This makes my screen too wide!

That’s what happens when you add in more columns. You can remove them from view if you want.

What’s the difference between MultiSite and SingleSite installs?

On multisite only the Network admins who have access to Network Admin -> Users can see the IPs on the user list.

How can I filter the IPs to, say, link to an IP checker?

There’s a filter! Toss this in an MU plugin:

function filter_ripm_show_ip($theip) {
    $theip = '<a href="'.$theip.'">'.$theip.'</a>';
    return $theip;
add_filter('ripm_show_ip', 'filter_ripm_show_ip');


24. decembra 2022
Works exactly as described. And super support! Thanks!
23. awgusta 2021 1 reply
A nice plugin that helps to make my site a bit more secure. One remaining wish, I would like to see the IP address as well in the Edit user profile function, so I can easily copy/paste it.
8. decembra 2020
Thanks for this great plugin it works as charm!!! Great Job!
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  • Update re X-HEADER


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  • 02 August 2020 by Ipstenu
  • Fix to show IP on your own page (if you’re an admin). This was always there, but only on other people’s pages, so you may not have noticed.
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