Automated Woocommerce Product Feed Manager for Google Shopping, TikTok, & Facebook


Generate automated WooCommerce Product feed for Google Shopping, TikTok catalog and Facebook Catalog and push your product data via integrated APIs.

Optimize your product data across multiple platforms, including Google, Shopping ads, Google Free Listings, local inventory ads, Shopping Actions, TikTok catalog, and Facebook catalog. Highlight essential product details to captivate Google, TikTok, and Facebook audiences.

Engage with potential customers as they leave your store by running intelligent Google Shopping campaigns, tailored to their past site behavior. Enhance product visibility and automate ad optimization using our Product Feed across various ad channels. Increased visibility through the Product Feed translates to higher conversion rates and boosted sales.

WooCommerce Product feed manager with unlimited product and feed creation.Real time Product feed for Google Shopping using Content APIs integration.
Product Feed for Tiktok catalog using TikTok Catalog APIs. Product feed for Facebook catalog using Facebooks Graph API.


With a 6-year track record of collaborating with over 6,000 stores and successfully syncing more than 5 million products, we’ve gained unparalleled insights into your needs. Leveraging this experience, we’ve meticulously crafted a dynamic product feed manager plugin equipped with rich and invaluable features. Our primary goal? To ensure your products remain up to date and in the spotlight on both Google and TikTok platforms.

Experience real-time product feeds for your WooCommerce products, effortlessly reaching Google’s vast audience. Seamlessly integrate with Google Shopping and showcase your products with ease. Take it a step further by synchronizing your Product Feed with TikTok Catalog, enabling you to run ads and display your products to an astonishing user base of over 1 billion individuals, with 50% falling within the coveted age group of 24-44. Unleash the power of our plugin to transform your online presence and reach new heights in the digital marketplace.



Our approach is all about making your life easier. With our API-based solution, interacting with your feed channels becomes as simple as linking your accounts and sending your product data with just a single click. No more hassle of downloading or uploading files or dealing with complex URLs to manage your feed channels.

We put the power in your hands. Utilize advanced filters to easily separate and push the products that matter most to your selected feed channels.

But we don’t stop there. We understand the importance of customization. That’s why we offer one-to-one mapping of product categories and attributes, elevating your product data to a whole new level. You can map all 54 Google attributes, including custom ones, to your WooCommerce product attributes, ensuring your product display is enriched and tailored to perfection.

And rest assured, you’re never alone in this journey. Our support team is here every step of the way to help you set up the plugin and resolve any issues you encounter. We’ve got your back, making sure your experience with Conversios Product Feed Solution is smooth and hassle-free.


Sync unlimited products to your linked channels without impacting your front end process. Create unlimited feeds as per your campaign planing, target country and advertising channels.


Link your Google Merchant Center, TikTok and Facebook account by just signing in to your respective accounts and showcase your products to millions of users.


Link your feed channels, create feed and push your products, it is that simple. Our plugin lets you manage products that you wish to push to your feed channels with the most efficient yet easy way.


Whether you’re dealing with straightforward single products or complex variations, our plugin efficiently syncs both product types to Google, TikTok, and Facebook. Your entire product range is covered, no matter the complexity.


Forget the need to constantly check your channel interfaces for product approval status. Our plugin takes care of it all. Get real-time updates on your product status as soon as changes occur in the respective channels. If a product is disapproved, you’ll will see the error details in the plugin itself. It’s a seamless process, so you can stay in the know without the extra effort.


With our plugin, you’re in control. Choose your update frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom interval you prefer. Our plugin will automatically fetch and update your product details in the respective channels, ensuring your product data remains up-to-date, just the way you want it.

Advertising on Google

Picture this – your products showcased to an enormous, actively searching audience. That’s the power of Google. With Google Ads, your reach is vast, covering search, display, and video. You’re not just throwing ads out there; you’re presenting them to users actively looking for what you offer. The best part? You can measure your results with surgical precision. Know exactly what’s working and where to invest more. Plus, you’re in control of your budget – set it, and Google Ads makes sure you stick to it. Want to target a specific location? No problem. Google lets you go local, making sure your ads hit the right audience.

Advertising on Facebook

Welcome to the world of billions – Facebook’s user base. There’s no shortage of potential customers here. But the real magic happens when you start targeting. Facebook’s got a knack for diving deep into demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can pinpoint your audience like never before. And when it comes to visuals, Facebook shines. Show off your products through images and videos, and let your brand’s story come to life. But what really sets Facebook apart is its custom audiences. Reconnect with those who’ve already shown interest – they’re more likely to convert. And don’t forget to keep an eye on those engagement metrics. Likes, shares, comments – they’re all signals that your campaign’s hitting the mark.

Advertising on TikTok

Now, let’s dive into the world of the young and the restless. TikTok’s where the cool crowd hangs out, making it a goldmine for brands targeting Gen Z and millennials. What’s TikTok all about? Short, snappy videos that pack a punch. It’s like the ultimate stage for your creative product promotions. Here’s the kicker – your content can go viral in a flash. That means exponential brand exposure. And TikTok isn’t just a video app; it’s a treasure trove of innovative ad formats. From in-feed ads to branded challenges, TikTok’s got it all. And, oh, the engagement! Users can’t get enough of it. With their attention focused here, your ads are in the spotlight. TikTok – where your products can really shine.

Allow us to assist you in configuring your product feed procedures and preparing your e-commerce store for this year’s holiday season.


  1. Product Feed Manager Plugin – WooCommerce to Google Merchant Center using powerful and real-time content API, no need for XML or CSV product feed.
  2. Product Feed Manager Plugin – WooCommerce to TikTok Catalog using TikTok Ads APIs in a few seconds. (Pro)
  3. Create an AI-powered Super Feed to run all your product data to your desired Feed Channel in a Single GO.
  4. Manage feeds for your target countries or prepare for your upcoming planned campaigns.
  5. Apply easy but advanced filters to segregate your products from the list of your WooCommerce products to Product Feed.
  6. Map your WooCommerce product categories and attributes for optimizing your campaigns and keep them saved in the plugin for a smooth Product Feed process.
  7. Sync unlimited products from your WooCommerce store to your Google Merchant Center and TikTok Catalog using Product Feed Manager.
  8. Hassle-free and real-time Product Feed via API-based structure.
  9. Get real-time approval status along with error descriptions (for disapproved products) from Google and TikTok for your products.
  10. Automate your feed using the Auto-sync feature to keep your product data up-to-date in the feed channels. (Daily/Weekly) (Pro)
  11. Product sync that is compatible with 100000+ products.
  12. Product Feed you simple and variable products to your desired Product Feed channel.
  13. Product Feed Manager Plugin – WooCommerce to Facebook catalog (BETA versions of limited users)
  14. Product Feed Manager Plugin – WooCommerce to Snapchat, Pinterest, and Microsoft catalog (Upcoming)
  15. You can map all 54 Google attributes including your custom attributes –


Here is how you can configure the plugin without any hassle and start scaling your e-commerce business faster.

Conversios is compatible with the following major plugins

  • Perfect Brands for WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Brands️
  • WooCommerce Brands

Fast track and scale your ecommerce business to new heights by unlocking more advanced tracking and enabling complete Google shopping solutions for your WooCommerce store. Give a try to our pro version.

Reach out to us with your query here for a faster solution.

Fota wobrazowki

  • This is the Configuration page where the user will be redirected at the time of activation. This is where you will see the linked Google Merchant Center account and will be able to change the same using the change button.
  • This is the onboarding page where the user must sign in using your Gmail account. Further, the user will be able to change the linked account from the configuration page in the plugin.
  • The plugin is facilitated with Google Auth for smooth onboarding. We ask for limited programmatic access to the user's account for a smooth experience.
  • This is the "Product Feed List" page where the user will be able to create a new feed and get a List of created feeds. The user can activate your pro features by entering the license key. The user can edit, duplicate or delete the feed from the More Options section. Details like Feed name, Channel name, Created date, Last synced date, next scheduled date, and status of the feed will be available.
  • This is the product list page where the user will see all the products present in your WooCommerce. Here the user will also be able to segregate your desired products by applying advanced filters and multiple checkboxes. The user will be able to sync the selected products using the "Sync Selected Products" button or can sync single products using the Sync Product button in the Action column against the products. The user will be able to check the approval status from Google along with the issue description for disapproved products.
  • This is where the user will need to map Google categories to your WooCommerce product categories. Please note the categories mapped will only be pushed for product feed.
  • This is where the user will need to map Google attributes to the WooCommerce product attributes. Make sure to fill in all the mandatory fields.
  • This is the Category mapping page under Configuration where the user will map and save the Woocommerce product Categories to Conversios Product Categories.
  • This is the Attribute mapping page under Configuration where the user will map and save the Woocommerce product Attributes to Conversios product Attributes.


Can the Conversios plugin do product feed to Google Merchant Center?

Yes, Conversios (Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce) can do the product feed for your WooCommerce products in just 3 steps using the most advanced Content API without creating any CSV or XML file and pushing your product data to Google Merchant Center.

Can the Conversios plugin do product feed to TikTok catalog?

Yes, Conversios (Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce) can do the product feed for your WooCommerce products to your TikTok catalogs. Sign In using Tiktok account, link your TikTok business account, and push product to the listed TikTok catalog country-wise.

How can I keep my products in the Google Merchant Center and TikTok catalog up to date? Or can the Conversios plugin automatically update my products in feed channels with the changes in the WooCommerce products?

Yes, the Conversios plugin provides an Auto-Sync feature where you can schedule your period by giving the interval days time and the plugin will automatically fetch the latest updates of the product from your woocommerce and will update the products in the feed channels.

What is Google Shopping and how does it work?

Google Shopping helps sellers make their shops and products available to millions of users across Google. Google Shopping is a new product discovery experience. The goal is to make it easy for users to research purchases, find information about different products, their features and prices, and then connect with sellers to make their purchase. Google Shopping enables users to view product information from the sellers that is updated on a regular basis by sellers. Online retailers submit feeds containing product information to Google Shopping. Since this product information comes directly from the seller, this means we’re able to show the current prices, latest offers, and current product availability. Hence, Google Shopping helps ecommerce businesses find more customers to their websites.

How do sellers enroll for Google Shopping?

Create Merchant Center Account: Once you have an account open, verify important details like your business and contact information.
Upload your products: Prepare your product info to submit through a feed, or automatically sync your product data from e-commerce shop
Show your products across Google: Opt your product data into programmes, like surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, local inventory ads and Shopping Actions, to highlight your products to shoppers across Google.
Our plugin helps WooCommerce shop owners in automating everything that is required to get eligible for Google Shopping. You do not need to get into any technicalities, the plugin will take care of all in most of the cases.

What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center helps millions of people discover, explore, and buy your products. With its family of features and deep reporting tools, it brings you different ways to get the right products to the right customers. In simpler words, in order to start using Google Shopping benefits you need to create a Google Merchant Center account and fill your basic business information before you start uploading your product data for Google Shopping.

How can I unclaim the domain in my Google Merchant Center and reclaim it via the plugin?

Below are the steps to unclaim and reclaim domain(via plugin) in GMC:

Unclaim the domain:

-> Login to the Merchant Center account in which your site domain is claimed.
-> Go to Settings -> Business Information -> Website.
-> Enter a new website domain or another domain(ex: – it can be non-existence) in the website section, and click continue. Here is the screenshot link for reference.

After following the above steps, you will lose the claim for your previously verified and claimed website domain.

Reclaim the domain via plugin:

-> Login to the WordPress backend.
-> Go to Conversios Plugin -> Google Shopping.
-> Click on the domain claim link or refresh button to claim the domain. Here is the screenshot link which highlights the link and button.

After following the above steps, the plugin will automatically claim and verify the website domain in your connected Google Merchant Center account.

How can I push my woocommerce additional/custom attributes data to Google Merchant Center?

With the latest update, we have introduced an additional attribute mapping feature where you can map all 54 attributes including custom_label (0-4), mobile link and additional image link of the Google Merchant Center with your custom woocommerce product attribute from the configuration page. This was you can enhance the type of data you push to the Google Merchant Center resulting in a rich product display.


10. junija 2023
efficient plugin for syncing products in merchant center. Help docs can be better
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Protokol změnow

2.0.2 – 12/10/2023

  • Minor bug fixes.

2.0.1 – 29/09/2023

  • Minor bug fixes.

2.0.0 – 28/09/2023

  • Introducing product sync feature for TikTok catalog.
  • Introducing Sper Feed, Feed all your products in a single click.
  • Step by Step guidance for new as well as existing users
  • Enhanced the existing features

1.1.3 – 14/06/2023

  • Minor fixes & enhancements.

1.1.2 – 31/05/2023

  • Minor fixes & enhancements.
  • Added compatibility with wpc brand plugin.

1.1.1 – 18/05/2023

  • Minor bug fix.

1.1.0 – 24/04/2023

  • Feature to Create and manage feeds in product sync process.
  • Independent auto-sync feature for the feeds.
  • Advance filters for selecting desired products in product feed process.
  • Added Search capability for products and feeds.
  • Capability to manage your WooCommerce product category and other attribute mappings from configuration screen.
  • Minor fixes and Enhancements in product sync to google merchant center.

1.0.3 – 06/02/2023

  • Few improvements and security enhancements.

1.0.2 – 02/02/2023

  • In this release, with the addition of filter capability in product feed, functions like searching and applying multiple filters will now be possible for product lists for Google merchant center. For improved user experience, the product listing page will also feature a new UI interface.
  • We have also made Minor adjustments and enhancements.

1.0.1 – 17/01/2023

  • In this release, we have fixed few bugs which have improved product feed functionality and made certain enhancements to product listing page.

1.0.0 – 10/01/2023

  • Initial release of Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce.
  • Users will be able to sync WooCommerce products to Google Merchant Center without any hassle of creating XML feed files. Powerful and real-time Google powered Content API integration for product feed management.
  • Get real-time approval status for your products in the Dashboard.
  • Get error descriptions for disapproved products in the Dashboard.
  • Schedule interval for automatic product updates for Google Shopping.
  • Create product feed for 100000+ effortlessly.
  • API based Google Merchant Center account management (Site verification. Domain claim, GMC account creation)