PersonalizeWP is the easiest way to display personalized content on your WordPress website using the Block Editor.

Providing pre-built rules out of the box, it allows you to show or hide any block, using a set of comprehensive options, including user roles, location, device type, date or time of day, referrer and more.

Designed to work with any hosting platform, the plugin provides a real-time experience even when your site is fully cached.

If you want to tailor the experience of your visitors so that their experience matches what they want and need to view, then PersonalizeWP is the right plugin for you.

Show/Hide content quickly and easily

If you know how to use the Block Editor, then you’ll find it simple to add complex rules to the blocks you create.

In the sidebar for every block, you’ll see a Personalize section – here you can choose one or more rules to apply to a block, and then decide whether to show or hide the content if the rules apply to that visitor.

For instance:

  • Create a block on a page to provide details of an offer code
  • Choose the ‚Visitors from the UK‘ rule
  • Choose to Show the block if the rule matches

That’s it!

The content block will then only show if the visitor is from the UK, and if they are from any other country, it won’t be shown (even in the source code).

Pre-built rules out of the box

To get you up and running quickly, we’ve created a set of rules for you to use without any setup or configuration. This no-code solution provides you with the easiest way to get started with personalising your site.

You can start using the following rules to show or hide blocks immediately:

  • If a user is viewing the site using a desktop or a mobile device
  • If the user is accessing the site for the first time, or a returning user
  • If the user is logged in, or logged out
  • If the user is based in the UK or the USA
  • If a user has spent 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute viewing a page
  • If the time is the morning, afternoon or evening

Custom Rule Options

The preset rules are just to get you going. The real power of PersonalizeWP is in the ability to create your own custom rules, which provide complete flexibility to choose your own scenarios of when you show or hide content.

In addition to creating rules based on:

  • User Device
  • New vs Returning User
  • User is logged in/out
  • User Location
  • Time on Current Page
  • Visit Period

You can create new rules that meet your needs based on:

  • Last Visit
  • Date
  • Visit Time
  • User Role

With all of these rule types comes the ability to choose from a set of comparators such as Is, Equals, Does Not Equal, Before and After.

Upgrade to Standard for Extended Rules

We have also built a set of extended rules and rules that integrate with other plugins to provide more complex functionality for those who need it.

In our Standard package, you get the ability to show or hide content using conditions such as:

  • Referrer – where the user has come from
  • Cookie – if a cookie exists in their browser
  • Query String – text in the URL
  • Gravity Forms – if the user has submitted a form
  • WooCommerce – if the user has completed a purchase

Upgrade to Pro for full Personalization

For those that want or need an even more engaging experience for users, and that is based upon their lifecycle through your website, then we also have a Pro version of PersonalizeWP.

The Pro version has been developed specifically for website owners, businesses and agencies that want to understand what users are doing on their site, build a profile of their behaviour, score their actions, and segment them into groups.

Visitor Profiles

PersonalizeWP allows you to track visitors across your site, without the use of cookies, so you can build a profile of each user.

Starting with an anonymous profile when they first arrive, we extend what we know about the user as they browse the site, and our integrations with Gravity Forms and WooCommerce allow us to start adding real-world data.


Segmenting your audience into purposeful groups is key to delivering bespoke, personalized experiences.

By using our intuitive segmentation feature, you can easily define groups using a range of different variables such as pages visited, products purchased, location, or forms completed.

PersonalizeWP adds visitor profiles to segments automatically as they meet the criteria – and will keep them up-to-date as their behaviour on your site changes.


Assigning a score to an action that a user takes can help you to better understand how engaged they are with your site and content, helping you to gauge lead quality.

You can set specific thresholds to identify promising opportunities and also assign negative points to keep scores in check.

And you assign them to a segment using a score, meaning that you can keep all your highly interested leads in a single bucket.

Using Pro Features in the Block Editor

The Pro version of the plugin also brings all of these additional features into the Block Editor.

This means that not only can you choose to Show/Hide content based on personalisation rules, but you can also filter that by Segment and Lead Score, and because these are driven by Visitor Profiles, your options are endless.

See how it works

If you’d like to find out more about the PersonalizeWP, then you can visit our website, which provides information, knowledge base articles, tutorials, tips and tricks and access to support documentation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Pro version, please visit the Pricing page, or Book a Demo with one of the team to see how it can help you to personalise your content.


PersonalizeWP is designed to work with any block and works with a number of plugins and block themes out of the box.


  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • WS Form
  • WooCommerce


  • Jetpack
  • Genesis Blocks
  • Kadence Blocks
  • GenerateBlocks
  • Atomic Blocks
  • CoBlocks

Support and feedback

We’re keen to hear any feedback you might have regarding the plugin – whether that is a bug, feature request, or you just want to find out more.

You can either let us know in the plugin support forum, or get in touch with us. We also have our Knowledge Base docs if you would like to check those first.

Stay Updated

If you want to keep updated on new features, updates and how to best use PersonalizeWP, you can find more from us in the following places:

Newsletter / Use of 3rd Party Service

Join our email list via our settings screen to stay in the loop on future updates, features, tips and tricks. The newsletter signup form is submitted to our website for which you will need to accept to the terms and conditions found at

Fota wobrazowki

  • Rules personalization screen – Add a new rule to use in the Block Editor
  • Rule categories screen – Manage the categories that your rules are sorted into
  • PersonalizeWP Dashboard Screen
  • Settings screen – signup for our newsletter
  • Onboarding wizard


What is PersonalizeWP?

PersonalizeWP is a WordPress plugin designed to add personalization features to WordPress. It follows similar principles to Enterprise platforms such as Episerver, Optimizely and Sitecore and works in conjunction with the Block editor to provide a simple and clear pathway to this functionality for content authors and admins.

What can I use it for?

You can use PersonalizeWP to personalize content to your users, based on actions that they have taken, or criteria such as which countries they are accessing your site from. We have included basic rules into the plugin to provide a starting point and you can add your own rules, based on a set of conditions, and then apply those to any blocks you wish.

How do I use PersonalizeWP?

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, a PersonalizeWP option will appear in the Block Settings sidebar in the editor when you are editing a block. Within this, you will be given the choice to choose a rule and determine an action if that rule is met. For instance, you may wish to add a content block with a message that is only shown to the user if they come from a particular country, or if they have purchased a product from your store. Feel free to play around and let us know if you think.

Are there any limitations?

The actions that you can take when a rule is met, are currently limited to Show or Hide a block. We will be adding new actions in a future release. The plugin does not work with the Classic Block – which is due to be deprecated. You can use the Convert to Blocks feature to transform the Classic Block into independent blocks, which can then take advantage of PersonalizeWP.

Will the plugin always be free to use?

We will always have a free version of the plugin, but in the future, it is likely that we will add a Pro version which will offer additional features.

Need help?

Check our Knowledge Base or contact us through our support site.


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  • Bug fix: Correct versioning within readme to trigger plugin update
  • Bug fix: Relocated JS src file for admin editor


  • Added: Feature to delay initialisation of Javascript until user interaction to improve CLS and perceived site speed
  • Code Modernization: Optimize script loading to improve frontend speed
  • Code Modernization: Optimize admin scripts for block editor
  • General: Tweak to Onboarding Wizard so it doesn’t trigger so often
  • General: Tweaks to admin CSS and our editor panels
  • General: Adjustments to some strings to add translation context
  • Bug fix: Ninja Form not initialising correctly upon insertion
  • Bug fix: Error with newsletter signup if slow/no server response
  • Miscellaneous code quality improvements


  • Made the Onboarding wizard UI a little easier to follow
  • Increased HTML compatibility across admin with Onboarding wizard
  • Bug fix: Styling around our Onboarding, such as an icon not showing within all browsers
  • Updated readme


  • Added: New feature, Onboarding wizard to help new users with initial setup
  • Updated settings screen to allow easier expanding by premium addons
  • Changed notices to better follow default WP admin notices
  • Suppress non-PersonalizeWP admin notices when on PersonalizeWP admin pages
  • Changed some HTML templates to better follow modern CSS, removing some use of Bootstrap
  • Tweaked CSS to allow easier reuse across plugin versions
  • Upgraded some parts to more modern PHP, grouping REST API endpoints
  • Bug fix: Editing a rule with non-supported rule conditions
  • Bug fix: Issue when activating on WP 6.5 not suppressing the activation redirect
  • Bug fix: PersonalizeWP block editor panel not working correctly within widgets and site editor
  • Removal of lots of legacy admin assets such as images that haven’t been used for several versions
  • Confirms the plugin is tested up to WordPress 6.5


  • Synchronise design of listing screens with Pro add-on
  • Remove dependency on DataTable JS library
  • Minify CSS and JS throughout admin and frontend
  • Add Pro upgrade link to plugin listing screen
  • Simplify development dependencies; removing Gulp, using straight SASS
  • Add autoloader for newer functionality
  • Tweaks to CSS to bring consistancy across screens
  • Miscellenous text changes
  • Update license to GPLv3
  • Fix formatting of changelog


  • Mark Lead Scoring feature as available for upgrade
  • Changed layout of Block Editor panel to read better and be more accessible
  • Fix: Empty referrers are now allowed
  • Removed the wrapping <div>s that were appearing in replaced content causing potential layout issues
  • Removes addition of legacy classes on replaced content as not used
  • Tweaked admin styles around buttons
  • Fixed some pesky typos
  • Apply additional WordPress code standards on php files


  • Fix: Adjust script dependencies for block editor JS
  • Added Lead Scoring promo to dashboard
  • Updated readme


  • First public version of PersonalizeWP


  • Internal beta version of PersonalizeWP plugin