PeproDev Ultimate Invoice


The Most Advanced Invoice Plugin you were looking for!
Create HTML/PDF Invoices of WooCommerce Orders, Attach PDF Invoice to Mail and Let customers download beautiful-customizable styled invoices.

**Ultimate Invoice plugin for WooCommerce!**

Create customizable PDF/HTML invoices for WooCommerce, attach to Email, Packing Slips, Shipping Labels, Shipping Tracking, Single-shop feature and …
This plugin lets you to Generate Awesome Invoices for WooCommerce orders and:

  • Download PDF invoices
  • Email Styled Invoices
  • Attach PDF to WC Emails
  • Attach PDF to Invoices Emails
  • Restrict Invoices Options
  • Full Invoice Customizations
  • Make your own Invoice Template
  • Make your own PDF Invoice Template
  • Make your own Inventory Report Template
  • Make your own Packing Slips Template
  • Alter plugins via Action/Filter hooks
  • and …..

Hot Features since Version 1.4 🔥

Made by Developers for Developers

  • Github Wiki
  • Over 190 Filter Hook
  • Over 15 Action Hook
  • Fully Translatable
  • Nice and Human Readable Variable Names
  • Separated Classes for Different purposes
  • Templates for HTML Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for PDF Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Email Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Inventory Report (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Packing Slips(tpl, css)
  • Change Email Sending Settings (from, name, and …)
  • Preserve email template style even in Gmail!
  • and ….

Invoice Items filtering

  • Show / Hide Store National Id
  • Show / Hide Store Registration Number
  • Show / Hide Store Economical Number
  • Show / Hide Customer Address
  • Show / Hide Customer Phone
  • Show / Hide Customer E-mail
  • Show / Hide Order Date
  • Show / Hide Payment method
  • Show / Hide Shipping method
  • Show / Hide Transaction Ref. ID
  • Show / Hide Product Image
  • Show / Hide Product Purchase note
  • Show / Hide Order Items
  • Show / Hide Order Total
  • Show / Hide Product Weight
  • Show / Hide Product Dimensions
  • Show / Hide Product SKU
  • Show / Hide Order Note
  • and ….


  • Quick Shop Feature ( Purchase all products in one page )
  • Visual Composer Widget
  • Pre-order Invoices Status
  • Built in DARK MODE Support (Auto, Manual)
  • Disable WC Modern Dashboard
  • Date parsing templates
  • Jalali/Shamsi Date formats numbers?
  • English, Eastern Arabic and Persian Numbers style
  • RTL-ready
  • Automated Email sending system
  • Fully Woo-commerce integration
  • and …

Made by love in Pepro Development Center.

Pepro Dev is a registered trademark of Pepro Co.

About Us

PEPRO DEV is a premium supplier of quality WordPress plugins, services and support.
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Fota wobrazowki

  • Sample PDF Generated by plugin
  • Store Details Setting
  • Store Details Setting in Dark mode
  • Invoices items Setting
  • Invoices items Setting in Dark mode
  • Miscellaneous Setting ( Disable WC New Dashboard and ...)
  • Privacy Setting ( Access Manager )
  • Barcode and QR Setting
  • Inventory Report Setting
  • Invoices template and theming setting
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox → Email Invoice to Customer on the fly
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox → View Invoice on the fly
  • Edit Orders → Metabox → Ultimate Invoice Options


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress

  3. Navigate to to change settings.


How can I show compact total order in PDF invoices?

Use hook below and add it into your plugin or theme’s function.php

add_filter( „puiw_return_pdf_total_prices_as_single_price“,“__return_true“);`

How can I contribute to this plugin?

You can help us improve our works by committing your changes to Pepro Dev’s Github repository:


17. februara 2023
این افزونه عالی هستش و فارسی رو هم ساپورت میکنه ، نصبش رو پیشنهاد میکنم
21. oktobra 2022 2 replies
سلام خسته نباشید خیلی افزونه خوب و قدرتمندی است واقعا جاداره که از زحماتتون تقدیر و تشکر کنم یه مورد که دیدم اینه که توی فاکتور ستونی روبرای تخفیف لحاظ کردید ولی این تخفیف برای یه عدد از محصوله و اگر مشتری تعداد بیشتری از این محصول رو خرید کنه متوجه میزان دقیق تخفیف دریافتیش نمیشه و در پایان فاکتور هم اگر همه ی تخفیفها جمع زده میشد و با عنوان "سود شما از این خر" قید میشد برای مشتری جذابتر میشود و حتی افزونه رو منحصر به فردتر میکنه بازم تشکر میکنم از زحمات و پشتیبانی بروزتون
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Protokol změnow

Version 2.0.0 / 2024-04-02 / 1403-01-14

  • WooCommerce HPOS Compatibility fix

Version 1.9.9 / 2024-03-19 / 1402-12-29

  • Security patch

Version 1.9.8 / 2024-03-07 / 1402-12-17

  • Fix two Security Vulnerability – CVSS 3.1
  • Thanks Abdi Pranata for reporting

Version 1.9.7 / 2024-01-20 / 1402-10-30

  • Fix compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage
  • Fix HPOS Orders screen Column not showing
  • Fix HPOS Order screen metabox not showing

Version 1.9.6 / 2024-01-20 / 1402-10-30

  • Fixed Error: Deprecated: DateTime::_construct():
  • Add compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage

Version 1.9.5 / 2023-04-05 / 1402-01-16

  • Remove previous generated pdf files
  • Added Shortcode for Persian WooCommerce SMS (شورتکد برای پیامک ووکامرس فارسی)

Version 1.9.4 / 2023-03-01 / 1401-12-10

  • Enqueue FontAwesome only on Required WC_Admin pages
  • Some Bug Fixes on PRINT_CLASS:get_default_dynamic_params
  • Show WordPress Error when mPDF fails to generate PDF files
  • Allow Creating PDF files with MORE THAN A MILLION characters
  • Applied Fixes on HTML Minification to Support 1.000.000+ characters
  • * The PHP function preg_replace() has a maximum string length it will parse (by default this is often about 100000 characters). Over this, PHP silently returns a null value. So long strings of code will be replaced by nothing!

Version 1.9.3 / 2022-11-07 / 1401-08-16

  • Fixed Showing error on printing PDF

Version 1.9.2 / 2022-10-15 / 1401-07-23

  • PDF Invoice Footer translated
  • Now Order table rows fills PDF-page to the bottom
  • DEV: You should update your custom Invoice Templates to the latest version
  • DEV: Deprecated hook puiw_printinvoice_pdf_footer to puiw_printinvoice_pdf_footer_new with 3 arg

Version 1.9.0 / 2022-10-13 / 1401-07-21

  • Watermark for PDFs added with Alpha and BlendMode Options
  • Default Invoice Templates footer changed
  • DEV: edited hook puiw_printinvoice_pdf_footer
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_page_size
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_watermark_img
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_watermark_alph
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_watermark_size
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_watermark_posin
  • DEV: added hook puiw_generate_pdf_watermark_show

Version 1.8.8 / 2022-10-13 / 1401-07-21

  • DEV: added public function $PeproUltimateInvoice->make_pdf_file($order_id)
  • Compatibility with TelegramBot (send PDF invoices on Chat/Group/Channel)
  • To Buy TelegramBot plugin contact

Version 1.8.7 / 2022-09-11 / 1401-06-20

  • Swap Packing Slips labels

Version 1.8.6 / 2022-09-03 / 1401-06-12

  • Fixed Show/hide Shipping Date on Packing slips

Version 1.8.5 / 2022-09-03 / 1401-06-12

  • Style Enhancement for PDF Packing Slips
  • Fixed font size issue on printing pdf and html

Version 1.8.2 / 2022-08-15 / 1401-05-24

  • Made _puiw_regular, _puiw_sale, _puiw_html hidden from admin area

Version 1.8.1 / 2022-08-03 / 1401-05-12

  • Fixed discount percentage calculating

Version 1.8.0 🔥 / 2022-07-14 / 1401-04-23

  • Added 4 ways of showing Coupons on total
  • Added 7 ways of showing Line item’s price
  • Added 3 ways of showing Line item’s tax
  • Added 3 ways of calculating Line item’s discount
  • Added 3 ways of showing Line item’s discount (Amount/Percentage)
  • Added 3 line item meta, editable and viewable by admins (_puiw_regular, _puiw_sale, _puiw_html)
  • Fixed some of Invoice templates styles
  • Fixed checkout error caused by out-of-stock line items
  • Fixed swatch dropdown showed wrong color-scheme
  • Changed some options layout
  • Changed order metabox layout
  • Changed setting panel font, layout, responsiveness
  • Changed checkboxes to iOS-like toggles
  • Changed WC_Order behavior to save current-live line items sale/regular prices
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_tax_display
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_coupons_code_at_totals
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_coupons_description_at_totals
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_coupons_discount_at_totals
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_coupons_amount_at_totals
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_discount_calc
  • DEV: added public function PeproUltimateInvoice_Template->get_show_discount_display

Version 1.7.4 / 2022-06-26 / 1401-04-05

  • Fixed Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_id() on null

Version 1.7.3 / 2022-06-07 / 1401-03-17

  • Fixed total calculation
  • Fixed wrong discount precent
  • Fixed Checkout issue
  • Added some CSS to invoice

Version 1.7.1

  • Added Debug Info in Setting (admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=pepro_ultimate_invoice&section=debug)
  • DEV: added puiw_debug_list_items hook

Version 1.7.0 / 2022-05-30 / 1401-03-09

  • Compatibility with WP v6 and WC v6.5
  • Fixed Gateway Proccess issue
  • Fixed Barcode Showing issue
  • Fixed Backend CSS issue
  • Fixed HTML Invoice watermark Issue

Version 1.5.0

  • All libraries are updated

Version 1.4.6 / 2022-02-11 / 1400-11-22

  • Fixed Throwing Error on Creating PDF when no Logo is set for Store

Version 1.4.5 / 2022-02-07 / 1400-11-18

  • Show notice if WooCommerce is not installed
  • Fix bug when WooCommerce was not installed

Version 1.4.4 / 2022-01-31 / 1400-11-11

  • Change Packing Slips Receiver/Sender arrangements order

Version 1.4.3 / 2022-01-26 / 1400-11-06

  • Fix Showing signature section regarding settings
  • Fix Applying watermark opacity level (1-100)
  • Fix some Translation

Version 1.4.2 / 2021-12-22 / 1400-10-01

  • Fix Shipping date not calculated
  • Fix Sending Error on Updating plugins

Version 1.4.1 / 2021-11-13 / 1400-08-22

  • Fix: Auto-set pre-defined settings

Version 1.4.0 / 2021-10-02 / 1400-07-10

  • HTML Invoice Check Requirements
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.9 / 2021-09-15 / 1400-06-26

  • Bug fixes
  • Compatibility with AP Payment gateway (درگاه پرداخت آپ)
  • DEV: Changed print invoice get query

Version 1.3.8 / 2021-07-28 / 1400-05-06

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.7 / 2021-07-14 / 1400-04-23

  • Added: Bulk Print Invoices Shipping Slips (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Added: Bulk Print Invoices Inventory Reports (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Added: Bulk Download PDF Invoices as ZIP Archive (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Fixed: Wrong GMT/UTC date display

Version 1.3.5 / 2021-07-12 / 1400-04-21

  • Fixed: Changed textdomain to pepro-ultimate-invoice
  • Fixed: ‚Store‘ Address was not properly translated
  • Fixed: ‚Customer‘ Address was not properly translated
  • Fixed: Default template for RTL/Persian sites was not ‚Default-RTL‘
  • Fixed: Wpbakery Page Builder widget not showing
  • Fixed: Quick Buy feature would not work when Wpbakery Page Builder is disabled
  • Added: Backup / Export & Import Settings as JSON
  • Added: Option to Revert Settings to Default, Clear out Settings, Re-set Settings based on default values
  • Added: More default Options based on site Locale
  • Added: Export/Import Settings as JSON data
  • Added: Export Settings as PHP Script to use in your child theme for customers
  • Added: pepro_ultimate_invoice_default_options filter hook to alter default settings fields
  • Added: pepro_ultimate_invoice_reset_options_done action hook to alter default settings fields
  • Dev: Upgraded font-awesome to 5.15.3
  • Dev: Changed function which returned WooCommerce store base-address
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-reset !DO NOT USE IF NOT SURE!
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-clear !DO NOT USE IF NOT SURE!
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-set
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-get
  • Dev: Changed Setting panel javascript localize_script object as _peproUltimateInvoice
  • Removed: function clear_out_settings, use change_default_settings instead


  • Fixed: Changed Default Invoice Access setting to prevent Pre-invoice 403 error
  • Dev: added puiw_printinvoice_check_user_has_access filter Hook to alter Invoice Access
  • Dev: Invoice Access function is more relible now


  • Fixed: Sorting problems
  • Fixed: Error Create Inventory and Packing Slip Reports


  • Added: Fully Compatibility with WPC Product Bundles by WPClever
  • Added: Fully Compatibility with WooCommerce Extra Product Options by ThemeComplete
  • Added: Fully Compatibility with Any Standard plugins that adds and shows Order item metas
  • Added: Showing Order item meta after order item description
  • Added: Sort order items by get_items_sorting
  • Dev: Added get_items_sorting public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_items_sorting filter hook
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_by filter hook to change items sorting (PID, ID, SKU, QTY, NAME, PRICE, TOTAL, WEIGHT, SUBTOTAL, SUBTOTAL_TAX)
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_desc filter hook to change items ordering from ASC to DESC
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_by_force filter hook to hook into items ordering by your choice
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundles public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_products public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_products filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_subtitle public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_hierarchy public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_hierarchy filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_bundled_subtitle_prefix public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_bundled_subtitle_prefix filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_bundles_subtitle_prefix public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_bundles_subtitle_prefix filter hook
  • Dev: Added puiw_invoice_item_extra_classes filter hook for invoice items tr html el. class
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items filter hook to manipulate order items
  • Dev: Added Integration Section in Settings
  • Dev: Added Comment for print invoice class functions
  • Fixed: Discount precent problem
  • Fixed: Showing live price instead of actual order cost
  • Fixed: Invoice Access problem
  • Fixed: Default setting values changed
  • Fixed: Clearing Setting on Uninstall problem
  • Fixed: Translation & ReadMe
  • Fixed: Font max size changed from 30 to 99
  • Thanks to M. Mohsen Sobati for feature requests & reports


  • Fixed Jalali Date Converter incompatibility with some themes
  • Fixed Jalali Datepicker and Persian WooCommerce incompatibility


  • Fixed Item Wrong Price display in some cases
  • Fixed Using Current Currency instead of Order Currency
  • Fixed Theme Select in Advanced Invoice print from Orders metabox
  • Fixed Color-Scheme Select in Advanced Invoice print from Orders metabox
  • Fixed Color-Scheme Select in Setting > Theming section
  • Fixed Using Default PDF Invoice template while Advanced Invoice printing
  • Fixed PDF Generation link in HTML invoices


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.7


  • Compatibility with New WooCommerce
  • Compatibility with New WordPress


  • Default Template Translation fix


  • Added PDF Font Selector!
  • Changed „Switch Color Scheme“ button label to „Switch Dark-mode“
  • Changed Support Email
  • Added Minified CSS, JS Version
  • Added Option to use Minified/Un-minified CSS, JS based on WP_DEBUG
  • Changed minimum WooCommerce Required to version 4.4
  • Fixed Signature showing despite it’s option
  • Fixed Showing Wrong Signature if no signature set
  • Fixed Retrieving Email Addresses on Success/Error send


  • Fixed get customer full name
  • Changed Plugin Icon and WordPress Banners
  • Fix Showing product discount in PDF
  • Fix Showing product weight in PDF
  • Fix Showing product tax in PDF


  • Added Compatibility to Pepro WooCommerce Receipt Upload (available upon request to
  • Added Custom CSS Style for PDF Invoices
  • Added Option to show/hide Paid Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Purchase Complete Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Shipping Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Order Status
  • Fixed Showing Wrong Discount Amount
  • Added Showing Discount Percentage
  • Added Option to get Current/Applied price in Invoices
  • Fixed Translating WooCommerce Weight/Dimensions Units
  • Fixed Force Positioning Currency and Price (now follows WooCommerce Setting)
  • Added Compatibility to Templates to work with new updates options
  • Fixed Templates Structure
  • Fixed Order Status Naming
  • Enhanced PDF Generation
  • Fixed Images not loading in PDF
  • Changed Templates default preview images


  • Fixed Darkmode
  • Fixed Barcode Generator
  • Fixed LTR PDF Template Barcode Size
  • Fixed PDF Font for EN sites
  • Fixed Force WC Email Colors from Ultimate Invoice


  • Added Integration with Dokan (available upon request to
  • Added Multiple-template
  • Added Templates Color scheme editor
  • Added Separated template for pre-invoice
  • Added Show/Hide Shipping Date on orders
  • Added Show/Hide Shipping Track Code on orders
  • Added Sub-menu under WooCommerce menu
  • Added hooks so you can bundle your invoice template with your wordpress theme
  • Added Readme details, typo fixed
  • Fixed Unique Identification Number not saving for new users
  • Fixed Color-picker on setting page


  • Added hook: pepro_ultimate_invoice_orders_column_data
  • Added hook: pepro-ultimate-invoice-orders-action
  • Removed Appsero integration


  • Directory Index Blocked for resources


  • readme update
  • usage tracking integration
  • cursor fix in setting page


  • initial release