NutsForPress Duplicate Any Post


Duplicate Any Posts is one of the several NutsForPress plugins providing some essential features that WordPress does not offer itself or offers only partially.  

Duplicate Any Posts allows you to:

  • decide which post or custom post should be duplicable
  • duplicate page or posts into post/page list, by clicking on the duplicate link below the post/page title

If you duplicate a post or a page built with Elementor, after the duplication you have to open the duplicated post/page with the Elementor editor and save.

Duplicate Any Posts is full compliant with WPML (you don’t need to translate any option value)

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Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well


  • English: default language
  • Italian: entirely translated



Installation From Plugin Repository

  • Into your WordPress plugin section, press „Add New“
  • Use „NutsForPress“ as search term
  • Click on Install Now on NutsForPress Duplicate Any Posts into result page, then click on Activate
  • Setup „NutsForPress Duplicate Any Posts“ options by clicking on the link you find under the „NutsForPress“ menu
  • Enjoy!

Manual Installation

  • Download NutsForPress Duplicate Any Posts from
  • Into your WordPress plugin section, press „Add New“ then press „Load Plugin“
  • Choose file from your local download folder
  • Press „Install Now“
  • Activate NutsForPress Duplicate Any Postse
  • Setup „NutsForPress Duplicate Any Posts“ options by clicking on the link you find under the „NutsForPress“ menu
  • Enjoy!


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Protokol změnow


  • Fixed a bug that caused the reset of the options of this plugin when WPML was installed and activated after the configuration of this plugin


  • Tested up to WordPress 6.2


  • First full working release