Notibar – Notification Bar for WordPress


Customizer for sticky header, notification bar, alert, promo code, marketing campaign, top banner

This plugin adds a top notification bar to indicate significant announcements on your website. It’s easy for you to set it as a sticky header to be visible when scrolling. The Dismiss button can be disabled, closed permanently, or toggled so that your visitors can easily find it again.

Instant Live Preview mode helps you see how every setting affects the notification bar before you publish it.

This is a great top bar for all preferential notices you might need in the incoming holidays, COVID-19 updates and events of all kinds.


This alert banner is built to optimize appearance and drive positive impact for your WordPress website traffic and conversions:

  • Designed with clean UI & modern style
  • Display in absolute or fixed positioning
  • Custom color, text, click-to-action
  • Various notice bar style presets
  • Set text container width and alignment
  • Actions for Dismiss button: disable, toggle, close for good
  • WYSIWYG visual banner editor with live preview
  • Display on all pages/posts or specific page/post ID


These are good ideas on how to exploit the Notification Bar plugin:

  • Important announcements
  • Technical notices
  • Time-sensitive appeals for donation or CTA
  • Subscription increase
  • Terms or operational changes
  • Privacy policy acknowledgements
  • Maintenance messages
  • Service outage or resource shortage
  • Seasonal offers or promotions
  • Driving traffic to other sites

🎉 Supported Themes and Plugins

We have done extra work to ensure complete compatibility with all themes, page builders and other popular plugins.

📝 Documentation and Support

If you’re having issues, do let us know and we’ll try to help you out.
You can always reach us at Ninja Team Support Center.

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Fota wobrazowki

  • Notification bar settings location
  • Edit content and preview it


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Upon activation, you will see a new Notification Bar menu. Simply click to custom the WordPress notification bar element by changing all default settings for text, styles and effects.


How can I find page or post ID?

On your admin dashboard, navigate to All Pages or All Posts, then hover or click Edit the page/post, you’ll see ‚?post=x‘ in its own editing action link. So ‚x‘ is the ID for this specific page or post.
Eg: ‚‘
→ Post ID = 353

Which themes does this notification top bar work with?

Notibar plugin is built to work wonderfully with all themes.

Can I use this notification bar plugin on client websites?

Yes! You can certainly use it on your own websites as well as your clients‘.

Is this top bar compliant with GDPR?

Absolutely! Notibar doesn’t collect or store any personal information. So rest assured.

Is Notibar free?

Yes, it’s completely free of charge. Notibar comes with all features that you can find in the description above.


2. oktobra 2023 1 reply
I would love to give this 5 stars - it's easy to use, powerful but not bloated, has ample controls for styles (colors, font size), location (page-specific), and it's mobile-friendly. Why not 5 stars? If it provided cookie control, I'd give it 5 stars. The cookie is currently set to terminate after 24 hours. It would be great to have the ability to specify a value; example from 0 (disabled) to 90 days.
7. awgusta 2023 1 reply
I've been looking for a notification bar for months and finally I found one. I am really satisfied with this plugin. It does what it should and it's easy to setup or change it anytime I need to. Great!
6. awgusta 2023 1 reply
Easy to install and configure and I love the interface plus on initially looking, it looks to be great, but dig into the code and the notification bar's performance impact on any website and it's shocking. I have noticed a number of issues related to impact on page load speeds, teh notification bar lingers over header bars in some scenarios and if you take a closer look when using certain options, if you say turn off the button the button is hidden, but whats bad is teh code, the link etc. is all left in the DOM and if that link went to a promotional page thtat you haev now taken offline for edxample and jsut hide the button, then Google can still see the link for example in the code even though its hidden and then still tries to index teh linked page taht no longer exists. Sloppy coding which could be fixed rather easily, but this is just one small point of many identified. The impact is so much, that as soon as I disable teh plugin our traffic volume and form conversions immediatly start to increase again.
19. julija 2023 1 reply
A great, simple to use plugin, even for a non-techie like me! Easy to set up and works perfectly for what I want.
26. meje 2023 1 reply
The Notibar plugin is the best notification bar plugin on wordpress. I try several ones but none are at the Notibar quality level. Plus, shoutout to Ninjateam behind this plugin. They are amazingly professional and very reactive if you have a question.
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„Notibar – Notification Bar for WordPress“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow

29 Jul 2023 – Version 2.1.4

  • Fixed: Display options issues

26 Jul 2023 – Version 2.1.3

  • Fixed: Override options when updating to the new version
  • Fixed: Dropdown layout

24 Jul 2023 – Version 2.1.2

  • Improved: UI
  • Fixed: Improve display options

20 May 2023 – Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed: Notibar in homepage

20 May 2023 – Version 2.1

  • Added: Exclude page/post and include page/post
  • Added: Add option button font weight
  • Fixed: Small CSS bugs


  • Fixed: Header issue


  • Added: Compatible with Astra theme


  • Added: Translation


  • Improved: Notibar display smoother when scroll
  • Updated: Compatible with Essential theme by Pixfort


  • Improved: UI


  • Fixed: Undefined index notice when users doesn’t have manage_options capability
  • Fixed: Publish enabled issue
  • Fixed: Styling Options can’t be modified on Firefox
  • Fixed: Notibar doesn’t show on search page


  • Added: Support shortcode
  • Added: Support WPML for URL field
  • Added: Support Konte theme


  • Fixed: Notibar displays again when scroll on Safari
  • Improved: Set style max-width for text content


  • Improved: Compatible with WordPress 5.6


  • Added: Support Enfold theme
  • Added: Support Nayma theme
  • Added: Support Essentials theme
  • Fixed: Creates a random white space at the footer when close notibar
  • Improved: CSS


  • Added: Support WPML and Polylang
  • Added: Button text color option


Improved: Width for Notibar
Fixed: Some small bugs


Fixed: Bar shows again after closed on mobile


  • Added: Cookie for Notibar
  • Fixed: Some smal bugs


  • Added: Option different content for mobile
  • Improved: Mobile preview
  • Fixed: Some smal bugs


  • Added: Support mobile view
  • Added: Choose devices want to display notibar
  • Improved: UI
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Improved: UI/UX
  • Improved: Optimized source code


  • Improved: UI/UX
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Release date: September 19, 2020