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This plugin can add functionality of newsletter subscription in your WordPress website. You can get list of emails of your subscriber and also can export it into CSV file. It’s very light weight plugin and easy to use. All you need to do is put the shortcode on your page and you are ready to get subscriber.

Use shortcode on WordPress page: [newsletter_email_subscribe]
Use shortcode on WordPress page php template: do_shortcode(‚[newsletter_email_subscribe]‘)


Steps to follow.
1. Click on \“Add New\“ button in \“Plugins\“ menu.
2. Search for \“Newsletter Email Subscribe\“ plugin.
3. Click on the \“Install\“ button & then after \“Active\“.
4. Use following shortcode on WordPress page: [newsletter_email_subscribe] OR if you want to add it into php template then use it as do_shortcode(‚[newsletter_email_subscribe]‘)
5. That’s it. You\’re ready to use the plugin.


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  • Compatible with new version