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Horizontal Carousel


Using this plugin, you can put horizontal image slider with the help of shortcode used after installing plug in.

Plugin Features

  • Shortcode System.
  • Touch Enable.
  • All Browser support.
  • Auto play Enable.
  • Unlimited Carousel.
  • Use via short-code.
  • Support post or page.
  • And many more.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Back end add Carousel Category.
  • Back end add Image.
  • Back end Carousel shortcode list page.
  • Back end add shortcodes.
  • Front end slider look.


  1. Upload the folder „netgo-expandable-collapsible-menu“ to „/wp-content/plugins/“ ‚
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress .
  3. Create carousel category going to WP-admin -> NetGo Carousel -> Carousel Categories .
  4. Add image and assign category going to WP-admin -> NetGo Carousel -> Add New Image .
  5. Add/manage slider shortcode going to going to WP-admin -> NetGo Carousel -> Shortcode Settings.
    In this section , we can manage many settings and assign category to slider.
  6. Call shortcode to your wordpress editor directly [netgo-carousel-slider id=“1″] .
  7. Call shortcode to your php template file using ‚ echo do_shortcode(‚[netgo-carousel-slider id=“1″]‘); ‚.


  1. No technical skills needed.


17. nowembra 2016
…but I’ve got tens of images and I’m not going to put each of them separately :/ It’s a huge disadvantage for me. Good but only for small amount of images.
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