Tutón tykač njeje so z najnowšimi 3 hłownymi wersijemi WordPress testował. Snano so hižo njewothladuje abo njepodpěruje a ma problemy z kompatibelnosću, hdyž so z nowšimi wersijemi WordPress wužiwa.

My Coderwall Badges


This simple plugin lets you get your Coderwall badges and show them on your blog.
Install, activate the plugin and set your username in the CW Badges Panel.
You can display your badges using the [cwbadges] shortcode inside your pages/posts.
There’s also a widget which waits to be activated by you in the theme options.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Setup Panel


  1. Upload my-coderwall-badges directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Copy the style in css/style.css to your theme’s stylesheet and adapt it to your needs.


3. septembra 2016
you shouldn’t need sslverify => false: $cwbadges = wp_remote_get('https://coderwall.com/'.$this->username.'.json', array( 'sslverify' => false)); You should also html escape the data coming from coderwall before using it in HTML: foreach($cwbadges->badges as $badge){ $badges_string.='<img class="cwbtip" src="'.$badge->badge.'" alt="'.$badge->name.'" title="'.$badge->description.'" />'; } $badges_string.='</div>'; Also, you should apply some filtering on the username and endorsement before using them. Not a big deal, just good practices. Thanks for the awesome work anyway 🙂
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Sobuskutkowarjo a wuwiwarjo

„My Coderwall Badges“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow


  • fixed ssl verification issue (thanks to tmeinlschmidt)


  • Added option to show Coderwall endorsements (http://coderwall.com/blog/2012-01-16-the-hacker-version-of-an-embeddable-social-button) (thanks to picandocodigo)


  • German translation (thanks to bountin)


  • Added a simple widget. (thanks to picandocodigo)


  • Minor fixes, added shortcode, removed curl functions.


  • First release.