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JetStyleManager for Gutenberg


JetStyleManager is a plugin that extends the functionalities of Gutenberg. Combining this plugin with JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, and JetFormBuilder, you will be able to change block styles in the Gutenberg editor. This means that you can make a website built with Gutenberg and JetPlugins even more attractive.

Compatible plugins

For developers

If you’ve got one or more plugins with Gutenberg blocks, JetStyleManager can offer you and your users an API for handy block styles management. As a developer, you get a convenient API that lets you add any custom styles supporting media queries, generate styles in a separate file, and manage them via 10+ different types of controls. Your users get a convenient UI and the ability to customize more styles than allowed by the standard Gutenberg UI. With this solution, you no longer need to add your own APIs for setting and compiling styles in every plugin used. This will ensure high performance both in the editor and on the frontend.

Integrate into your plugin

Guide how to integrate JetStyleManager into your blocks plugins you can find here

Please, feel free to ask any questions about your plugin integration.

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24. nowembra 2023
Really good plugin, but Unfotunetlay, 1- thers is not any good support beacause it is free, 2- and also they do not add new feature, 3- and updates are very late. 4- It is not fully compatiblae with RTL.
1. septembra 2023
Trying to use with jetformbuilder but wont find out how to anything 😭
14. meje 2023
Alot of webdesigners are so cheap, even worse when they get such amazing free tools to create advanced forms and still dare to give one star because one issue they have. What a shame. I thank the developers so much. The jetformbuilder together with jetstylemanager let us create amazing and professional looking forms. Keep up the amazing work you guys do for us:)
14. apryla 2023
It’s buggy as hell and not polished at all. I don’t have faith in this plugin anymore. I would rather using custom CSS code along with JetEngine than using JetStyleManager. Now I think Crocoblock shouldn’t take style options out of their Gutenberg plugins. I don’t want to install an additional plugin to style blocks.
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„JetStyleManager for Gutenberg“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow

– FIX: Allowed memory exhausted in block editor (improving optimization)

– UPD: allow to prevent wrapping blocks which implement SM class from own side
– FIX: Elementor compatibility

– FIX: better data sanitizing

– UPD: sanitize function

– FIX: WP error in font manager

– FIX: WP error in font manager

– FIX: Saving post meta
– FIX: Font manager

– ADD: Integrated google fonts in typography control

– ADD: hooks for implementing custom sections and controls

– FIX: Block wrapper

– FIX: Typography control

– FIX: Up init action priority in gutenberg style manager

– FIX: Condition logic in gutenberg style manager

– FIX: Elementor compatibility

– ADD: Gutenberg compatibility
– ADD: Languages default file

– Initial release