Invoice Payment for WooCommerce


The free Invoice Issue plugin is an extension for WooCommerce, which came to facilitate billing over the internet. With it, you can generate new invoices and send them to your customers via email, with a payment link. Another great advantage is that it can offer different payment options for paying off the invoice.


Invoice Payment for WooCommerce plugin is dependent on WooCommerce plugin, please make sure WooCommerce is installed and properly configured before starting Invoice Payment for WooCommerce installation.

User instructions

  1. Search the WordPress sidebar for ‚Invoice Payment for WooCommerce‘;

  2. In the plugin options look for ‚Add invoice‘;

  3. Fill in the customer data, currency, payment method and add the charges;

  4. If you want to send the invoice to the customer’s email, select the ‚Send invoice to customer‘ option in the invoice actions;

  5. Click save;

You have created your first invoice with the Invoice Payment for WooCommerce plugin.


Product Settings

  1. Within the product editing or creating page, enable the subscription option to configure recurring invoices.
  2. Specify the frequency of invoice generation according to your preferences.

Invoices Settings

  1. In the WordPress sidebar, find and click on „Invoices“.
  2. Configure default settings such as PDF template, logo URL, footer, sender details, and text preceding the payment link.
  3. To manually add an invoice, visit the „Add Invoice“ page, where both standard and recurring invoices can be created.

Manual Invoice Creation

  1. Visit the „Add Invoice“ page to manually create invoices.
  2. Choose between standard or recurring invoices, input necessary details, and save.

Subscription and Invoice Lists

  1. To list subscriptions click on „Subscriptions“ in the WordPress sidebar.
  2. To list invoices click on „Invoices“ in the WordPress sidebar.

Fota wobrazowki

  • See all generated invoices and their status.
  • See all generated subscriptions.
  • Add new invoice utilizing our convenient invoice builder.
  • Customize the settings of your invoices.
  • Customize the settings of your subscriptions.
  • Edit details of your subscription.


  1. Look in the sidebar for the WordPress plugins area;

  2. In installed plugins look for the ‚add new‘ option in the header;

  3. Click on the ‚submit plugin‘ option in the page title and upload the plugin;

  4. Click on the ‚install now‘ button and then activate the installed plugin;

The Invoice Payment for WooCommerce plugin is now live and working.


What is the plugin license?

  • This plugin is released under a GPL license.

What is needed to use this plugin?

  • WooCommerce version 4.0 or latter installed and active.


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Protokol změnow


* Add setting to set a limit on invoices generated per subscription;
* Add card to display IDs of invoices generated by the subscription;
* Add „Subscription“ column in the invoices table;
* Add configuration that allows the administrator to define the lead time for invoice generation;
* Change in PDF image setting to use the WordPress modal.


* Add visual feedback when clicking the download invoices button;
* Add alert on subscription creation;
* Add button to create invoice on the list invoices page;
* Add button to create subscription on the list subscriptions page;
* Fix currency listing in invoice settings;
* Fix bug when clicking on the edit invoices section;
* Fix bug in template select showing the same image;
* Fix function to add and delete cron events;
* Fix label to enable login page for invoices.


* Add the due date to the invoice PDF.
* Add configuration to enable and disable email verification.
* Fix PDF generation.
* Fix submenu Edit Invoice.


* Adjust escape variables and request methods to enhance security
* Add modal for sharing invoice link
* Add products with recurring subscriptions
* Add multiple payment methods option


* Substitution of echo to esc_html_e or esc_attr_e, adjust to comply with wordpress regulations


* add cache no-store attribute to the PDF generation request


* Add default footer setting
* Add text_before_payment_link setting
* Add setting for sender details
* Adjust existing templates to handle the new settings
* Add new template


* Adjust to get logo with curl, adjust to work in directory installed wordpress.


* Add PDF generation for invoices


* Fix invoices table error when the invoice order is deleted.


* Payment methods bug correction;


* Bug corrections;


* Links update;
* Setting title change;
* Addition of description;
* Dev Container configuration.


* Implemented invoice due date;
* On invoice payment page load the defined payment method is open;
* Users with shop_manager permission can generate and edit invoices;
* Optimized JS and CSS load.


* Plugin launch.