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Gravity Forms Fancy Select


This plugin is designed to give you the ability to wire up a gravity forms select field to the fancy select JQuery library found here

To use the plugin all you have to do is give the select field that you want fancied a class of add-fancy-select.

This plugin comes with a stripped down version of the CSS required to render the fancy select element. These can be overridden very easily in your themes CSS. If you don\’t style it then it\’s going to look odd.


To install this plugin upload it into your wp-content/plugins directory and then activate the plugin from the wordpress dashboard. After that follow the instructions in the description to get started.


  • How do i use the plugin?,
  • Go into the gravity forms editor for the select field that you want this applied to go into the advanced area and give it a class of .add-fancy-select.,
  • Why does the field look weird/doesn’t show?,
  • The plugin merely gives you the functionality for fancy select, you’re still responsible for styling the field on your own.,


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