Go high level (GHL) extension for Gravity Forms


This plugin send Gravity Form Data to Go High Level on form submission.

If you are not aware, what GHL is, please review here

Level Up with Go High Level Extension for Gravity Forms

This Go High Level extension is a valuable tool for users who want to integrate their Gravity Forms with Go High Level CRM. This extension provides a simple and efficient way to transfer form data to Go High Level CRM, enabling users to manage their leads and follow up with potential customers more effectively. Whether they are managing a small business or a large organization, this extension can help users streamline their lead management process and improve their overall workflow.

What Makes it the Best Extension

✅ Set different API keys for different sub account & different forms.
✅ Send leads across different accounts in GHL CRM.
✅ Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
✅ Increase process efficiency.
✅ Add multiple tags on specific form according to one’s choice.
✅ Add global tags for all the forms.
✅ Provide customization options.
✅ Free to use.

Important Points to Remember

✅ While creating form always use Advanced Fields in Gravity Forms (Specifically for Name, Email, and Phone Number Fields). Purchase our Pro plugin to map more fields
✅ Add tags in the form to get better result in GHL.
✅ Check the documentation for more information. Click Here


Go one step ahead with Go High Level PRO version. Enjoy additional features that can increase the efficiency of lead management and increase business productivity. It enables to map more than just limited fields like Name, Email and Phone number. Check below what you’re missing and grab the PRO version now!

✅ Real-time lead creation
✅ Global tag integration
✅ Global GHL API configuration
✅ Higher flexibility in lead management
✅ More customization options
✅ Better user management
✅ Higher automation in business management
✅ Add multiple custom fields
✅ Use Gravity Forms field value(s) as a Go High Level Tag

Click here to enable the Go High Level PRO version

Using Sub-Accounts with the GoHighLevel Extension

Go High Level CRM also provides sub-accounts, which users can use to generate API keys for each account and relate them to a particular Gravity Form. For example, if a user has subaccount1 with an API key of “kjhsfuoyfojsfnsdgt4356tsdgjs”, they can connect this subaccount to their Gravity Form with ID=1 by setting the API key to this form. All leads submitted through the Gravity Form of ID=1 will then appear in subaccount1.

This feature can be especially useful for users who need to manage leads across multiple accounts or businesses.


For more detailed instructions and documentation, visit our Documentation.

If you need any help or customization in the plugin, please connect with us HERE

Fota wobrazowki

  • Installing Plugin "Go high level (GHL) extension for Gravity Form".
  • Plugin activated
  • Upgrade to PRO
  • Settings Tab
  • Form setup
  • Global Tag Setting
  • Help/Support
  • Form specific API Key
  • Form specific tag setting


Installing and Activating

✅ To get started with the Go High Level extension, users need to install and activate it. They can do this by downloading the extension from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
✅ Once the extension has been downloaded, it can be installed by uploading it to the WordPress site’s plugin directory.
✅ After installation, it can be activated by navigating to the plugins page in the WordPress dashboard and clicking the Activate button next to the Go High Level Plugin.

Setting up the Plugin

Once the Go High Level extension is activated, one can follow any of the method listed below:

Method 1

✅ Open the plugin settings and move to the settings tab.
✅ Choose the form from the dropdown and enter Go High Level API Key and form specific tags (If needed).
✅ Now it is ready to transfer form data to GoHighLevel CRM.

Method 2

✅ Go to GHL – Gravity Form under Gravity Forms and go to settings tab.
✅ Choose the form from the dropdown and enter Go High Level API Key and form specific tags (If needed).
✅ Set different API Keys across different forms at one place.

Method 3

✅ Go to forms under Gravity Forms.
✅ Go to settings of the form and then Go High Level.
✅ Fill the API Key.
✅ Fill the form specific tag (If needed).

When a user submits a form, the data is automatically transferred to Go High Level CRM and can be viewed in the lead section of the CRM. This makes it easy for users to keep track of their leads and follow up with potential customers.


What data will this extension send from the forms?

Name, email, and phone type data of Gravity Form are sent to the Go High Level API.
Subfield data of name type is also sent including Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix.

How can I set the name type field?

One can select the name field from Add Fields > Advanced Fields

Can we link the gravity form to multiple sub-accounts?

Yes, we can create different API keys and connect them to separate Go High Level sub-accounts. This allows managing different projects at the same time.

How can I map more fields with GHL fields?

This feature is available in our Pro plugin. Purchase our Pro plugin.


1. decembra 2023 2 replies
So far, the plugin is working perfectly! I'm on the free version and it is passing through the data just fine.
3. awgusta 2023
I would like to share my experience with this plugin. After creating my website, I integrated Gravity Forms and linked it with GHL( Go High Level ). However, I encountered a challenge while trying to connect my website's Gravity Forms to my GHL( Go High Level ) account. Luckily, I came across a plugin that resolved this issue for me. I must say, it's absolutely amazing how this plugin seamlessly facilitated the integration between Gravity Forms and GHL. Highly recommended!
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„Go high level (GHL) extension for Gravity Forms“ je softwara wotewrjeneho žórła. Slědowacy ludźo su k tutomu tykačej přinošowali.


Protokol změnow


  • Bug Fixed
  • UI improvement


  • Bug Fixed – CSS confliction with admin dashboard.


  • Bug Fixed – Updating tags for the same contact while preserving existing tags.


  • Major Changes in User Experience.
  • Added three different tabs.
  • Upgrade to PRO at one click.
  • Manage different forms at one place under settings tab.
  • Help / Support available for any kind of help.
  • Set API Keys across different forms at one place.
  • GHL Global tag Menu renamed as GHL – Gravity Form.


  • Added custom GHL tag option for each form.
  • Added a global GHL tag option.


Added another GHL tag on submission


  • Different API can be set in each Gravity Form settings.
  • To send different form data to the different Go High Level APIs.


  • Updated extension for sending data to Go High Level.
  • Simple and easy to configure and use this plugin.