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The free FooEvents Calendar plugin makes it possible to display your events in a stylish calendar on your WordPress website. Calendars can be displayed using simple shortcodes or widgets. Using the FooEvents Calendar plugin, you can convert any post, page or custom post type into an event and display it in a calendar view. This unique approach ensures that the FooEvents Calendar is super flexible and very easy to use.

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The FooEvents Calendar plugin is fully compatible with the popular FooEvents for WooCommerce plugins, making it possible to create more advanced events and sell branded tickets with no commission or ticket fees directly from your own WordPress website. FooEvents offers many pro features that add advanced event management functionality to your website including email ticket themes and free check-ins apps.

FooEvents Calendar Features

  • Add event information to any post, page or custom post type
  • Display multiple calendars on a single page
  • Display events in calendar and list views
  • Display calendars using shortcodes or widgets
  • Filter events by category using shortcode parameters
  • Change the look of your calendar using our built-in calendar themes (Default, Light, Dark, Flat, Minimalist
  • Automatically pull and push your events to Eventbrite!


The FooEvents Calendar plugin integrates seamlessly with FooEvents for WooCommerce, making it possible to sell tickets and manage events like a pro! The FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin enhances standard WooCommerce products and adds event and ticket selling capabilities to your website with no commission or ticket fees. To find out more about FooEvents for WooCommerce visit

  • FooEvents for WooCommerce – Sell tickets or manage free registration for practically any event such as a concert, church camp, school function, fundraiser, conference, or sports fixture. FooEvents will have you up and running within minutes. No technical skills needed.

  • FooEvents PDF Tickets – Send PDF tickets via email to an attendee or ticket purchaser. The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin attaches tickets as PDF files to the email that is sent to the attendee or ticket purchaser.

  • FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields – The FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields plugin is an extension for FooEvents that allows for the capture of customized attendee fields at checkout so you can tailor FooEvents according to your unique event requirements. This is useful for acquiring additional information from attendees such as clothing sizes, meal preferences, demographic information, waiver acceptance etc. The options are virtually endless!

  • FooEvents Multi-day – This is a must have plugin if you have an event that runs for longer than a day! Using the FooEvents Multi-day plugin you can sell tickets that will give your attendees access to the event over multiple calendar or sequential days. What makes this feature unique is that the reoccurring days are not limited to weekly, monthly, or annual occurrences as it also gives you the ability to choose the exact days that the event will repeat ensuring that you have granular control.

  • FooEvents Seating – The FooEvents Seating plugin is an extension for FooEvents that allows for the capture of rows and seat numbers at checkout. This is useful for letting attendees select their own seats based on the layout of your venue. This plugin can be used to specify rows and seats in a conference room or theater, tables and the number of chairs at the table etc. You can create VIP sections or restrict attendees to seats in other higher or lower priced areas.

  • FooEvents Express Check-in – The FooEvents Express Check-in plugin makes checking in and managing attendees at your event a fast and effortless process. The intuitive interface allows you to search for attendees in a matter of seconds or you can connect a barcode scanner to scan tickets. You also have the option of automatically checking attendees in to further speed up the process.

  • FooEvents Check-ins Apps – There’s no need to struggle with clumsy spreadsheets or kill trees when you can manage event check-ins with our free, easy to use iOS and Android apps. The FooEvents Check-ins apps give you the tools to manage access to your event like a pro and they even work without an Internet connection!

  • FooEvents Ticket Themes – Transform the appearance of your email tickets and make your event stand out with FooEvents Ticket Themes. FooEvents for WooCommerce includes a customizable default ticket theme and additional ticket themes that bring your event to life can be purchased for only $9.

  • FooSales Point of Sale Integration – FooSales is a point of sale (POS) app for WooCommerce that turns your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile cash register. It allows you to manage and process physical orders on-the-fly by connecting to your WooCommerce database. FooSales is perfect for retail stores, markets, pop-up shops and now even events! FooEvents and FooSales work seamlessly together making it possible to sell tickets in person at your event with speed and convenience!

Documentation and Support

The most current FooEvents documentation can be found on the website:

You can also purchase a support package for the FooEvents Calendar should you require any technical support:

Fota wobrazowki

  • Add a product to the cart by selecting if from the list or by scanning its barcode
  • Checkout to complete the order
  • View your sales history, cancel completed orders and print receipts
  • View a summary of the day's sales
  • Manage product prices and stock quantities1. Default Theme
  • Light Theme


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.3 or greater (PHP 5.6 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)
  • WooCommerce 3.1.0

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles all the file transfers. To do an automatic installation of the FooEvents Calendar plugin, login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click ‚Add New‘.

In the search field type „FooEvents“ and click ‚Search Plugins‘. Once you’ve found the FooEvents Calendar plugin, you can view details about it such as release information, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking „Install Now“.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the FooEvents Calendar plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work seamlessly, but as always though, please ensure that you back-up your website just in case.

FooEvents Calendar Settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress Admin Area
  • Navigate to Settings -> FooEvents Calendar
  • Various settings can be configured that will change the behaviour and display of your calendar

Getting Started

  • Navigate to the post or page where you would like to insert the calendar on your website
  • Type or paste the calendar shortcode in the main content text editor
  • Examples of calendar shortcodes include:
    • Basic calendar – [fooevents_calendar]
    • Display particular month – [fooevents_calendar defaultDate= „2019-09-01“]
    • Display list view – [fooevents_calendar defaultView=“listWeek“]
    • Display multiple calendars per page – [fooevents_calendar id=“cal1″], [fooevents_calendar id=“cal2″] etc.
  • To add a widget view of the calendar:
    • Go to Appearance -> Widgets
    • Drag the FooEvents Calendar widget into the widget area where you would like it to be displayed
    • Type a widget title
    • Select which type of view you would like to use – Calendar or List view
    • Calendar view:
    • You can specify which date you would like the calendar to start on. If left empty, the calendar will default to the current date.
    • Example date format: 2016-09-01 (yyyy/mm/dd)
    • List view:
    • You can set the number of events to be displayed. By default, the list view will display the latest 5 events.
    • Click ‚Save‘ to confirm your changes
  • Other shortcodes
    • Simple event – [fooevents_event product=10]
    • Simple list of events – [fooevents_events_list]
    • List of 5 events – [fooevents_events_list num=5]


I need technical support. How can I get help?

The FooEvents Calendar is free to use and the latest documentation is available on the FooEvents website. If you require any further assistance, please purchase a support package on the FooEvents website and submit a support ticket using your order number so that we can validate your support package.

I’m interested in purchasing a license for the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugins but I have a few pre-sale questions. Can somebody help me?

Absolutely! For any pre-sales questions that you might have, we suggest first going through the FAQ section on our website which contains many of the common questions that we get asked. If your query isn’t listed there, then please feel free to contact us.

I have a feature request. What’s the best way to get in touch?

The features and direction of our products is guided entirely by the feedback that we receive from the FooEvents community. If you would like to suggest a new feature for future consideration, please complete this form.

Do I need the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin to create events and use the FooEvents Calendar?

No. You can create events from standard posts, pages and custom posts types in WordPress. When you activate the FooEvents Calendar plugin, an additional meta box will be added to posts and pages making it possible to add event information to these post types. The FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin is only required if you would like more advanced event functionality and to sell tickets to your events.

How do I set a post type to include event information?

When the FooEvents Calendar plugin is activated, all posts and pages will include an extra event meta box that can be used to add event information. You can configure additional post types to include event information by following these steps:
* Navigate to your WordPress Admin Area
* Navigate to Settings -> FooEvents Calendar
* Set the post types that should be associated with events by selecting the desired post types from the ‘Associate with post types’ multi-select box
* Click “Save Changes”

How do I change the calendar design?

The FooEvents Calendar includes several themes which change the look and feel of the calendar to suit your preferences. Here are the steps to change the calendar theme:
* Navigate to your WordPress Admin Area
* Navigate to Settings -> FooEvents Calendar
* Select a calendar theme from the calendar theme drop-down menu
* Click “Save Changes”

Do you offer discounts for Nonprofit Organizations (NPO)?

We believe in the ‘pay it forward’ approach to business and life. As such, we offer registered Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) a 50% discount on any FooEvents product. To apply for this discount please complete the NPO application form, and if successful, you will receive a 50% discount coupon that you can use at checkout within a couple of days.


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  • FIXED: Bookings on events list *
  • FIXED: Various small bugs *
  • TESTED ON: WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8.0 *


  • FIXED: Eventbrite import bug *
  • FIXED: Multi-day display bug *
  • FIXED: Various small bugs *
  • TESTED ON: WordPress 5.5.3 and WooCommerce 4.6.1 *


  • ADDED: Event expiration support *


  • FIXED: Bug where non-product events cannot be disabled *
  • FIXED: Eventbrite API bug retrieve users events *
  • FIXED: End date format bug on ListWeek view *
  • FIXED: Wrong event hour on some servers *
  • FIXED: Various small bugs *


  • FIXED: French month name translations *
  • FIXED: Various small bugs *


  • FIXED: Various small bugs *


  • FIXED: Eventbrite API bugs *
  • FIXED: Various other small bugs *


  • FIXED: Various small bugs *


  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • ADDED: Support for event timezone setting
  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • NEW: Support for new reporting features
  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • FIXED: Multi-day display bug
  • FIXED: Event grouping to today bug
  • FIXED: Various other small bugs


  • FIXED: Eventbrite updates


  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • ADDED: Don’t display book ticket button on event list if out of stock
  • FIXED: Date format event not displaying on calendar bug
  • FIXED: Various other small bugs


  • ADDED: Eventbrite import support
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes


  • ADDED: Calendar event options to other post types
  • ADDED: Calendar and event list selectable themes
  • ADDED: Eventbrite support
  • FIXED: Various small bug fixes


  • FIXED: Multi-day format bug
  • UPDATED: FullCalendar library
  • ADDED: Option to display 24 hour time format on calendar
  • ADDED: Option to only display event start date on multi-day events


  • UPDATED: Documentation
  • UPDATED: Plugin option clean-up on delete
  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • FIXED: Terminology new site bug
  • FIXED: Various other small bugs


  • ADDED: Terminology override feature


  • FIXED: Update notification service bug
  • FIXED: date format bug


  • FIXED: AM PM bug
  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • ADDED: Support for colored event days on calendar
  • FIXED: Various small bugs


  • FIXED: Event list description bug
  • ADDED: Option to enable full-day events


  • FIXED: Apostrophe bug
  • FIXED: Widget limit bug
  • ADDED: Sort event list
  • ADDED: Category Filter


  • FIXED: Bug where events with no date showed on calendar
  • FIXED: Calendar translations bug
  • UPDATED: FullCalendar


  • FIXED: Multi-day support update


  • ADDED: Multi-day extension ready


  • FIXED: PHP warnings


  • FIXED: Calendar description bug
  • FIXED: Special characters in event titles
  • FIXED: Various other minor bugs
  • ADDED: Translations


  • FIXED: PHP warning output


  • ADDED: Additional user roles now have access
  • ADDED: Plugin update notification
  • FIXED: Various minor bugs