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Feed For TikTok Shop


Feed for TikTok Shop is a time-saving and valuable WooCommerce plugin that helps new and growing eCommerce retailers to create, sync, and optimize their store product feed on TikTok Shop. It’s easy to use and configure whether you’re starting from scratch or already have hundreds of products to market and sell.
Say goodbye to manual work and welcome seamless automation capabilities to set up your product listings on TikTok. Gain an edge over your competitors on TikTok catalogue once and for all.

Feed for TikTok Shop’s top features

  1. Seamless, hassle-free, and 1-click onboarding
    • Quickly connect TikTok shop right from the app with ease. No coding or risks involved
    • Auto-sync up to 10,000 SKUs right from the app to your TikTok Shop in just a few clicks
  2. Only sync the products you want
    • Map products available for sale on your store to TikTok shop’s categories
    • Choose mapped products individually that you would like to display on your TikTok Shop
    • Select, sync, and sell only what you want on TikTok Shop
  3. Automatic Update
    • Automatically sync all the newly added products and updates from your store such as price and inventory on TikTok Shop in a matter of minutes
  4. Centralized order management
    • Get a unified view of your product listings in one place with detailed fields
    • Fulfill and manage your orders placed from TikTok Shop directly on your WooCommerce store dashboard
    • Fully optimize and edit your TikTok data fields for higher conversions
  5. Dedicated Customer Service
    • If you need help with anything, please reach our customer support team by email. We’re happy to help you deal with any problem that you might run into

APP Benefits

  • 1-click TikTok Shop onboard
  • Fast, automatic, and error-free listing of all your products
  • Keep your WooCommerce dashboard as the center of order management
  • Reliable & Quality support

Fota wobrazowki

  • Easily optimize product listings on TikTok Shop
  • Only sync the products you want
  • Sync 10,000 SKUs in just a few clicks


We get two methods on how to connect WooCommerce to TikTok Shopping Feed

Install from WordPress Admin:

  1. Log in to your WooCommerce store
  2. Install the TikTok Shopping Feed plugin from your WordPress Admin
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Click the „Start now“ button on the plugin landing page
  5. Log in to your AfterShip account, follow the WooCommerce OAuth flow, then click the „Approve“ button
  6. To check if your WordPress store is properly connected to TikTok Shopping Feed, go to Organization settings > Store connections > Search for your WordPress store

Install from Aftership Organization Admin:

  1. Log in to your AfterShip account
  2. From the Organization admin > Go to Apps > Feed > WooCommerce
  3. Enter your Store URL > Click on Install app, then follow setups in „Install from WordPress Admin Section“

*** This plugin requires at least WooCommerce version 3.0.0 or above
*** This plugin requires at least WordPress version 4.4 or above


9. meje 2024
We encountered an issue and reached out to the support team. They went above and beyond, even conducting a video chat to thoroughly grasp the problem and address all our questions until it was completely resolved. Excellent service!
25. apryla 2024
Jai was very helpful and spent the time to get my issues sorted cant thank him enough, easyship is very straightforward and easy to use and a very well designed dashboard would recommend using with your website to simplify the process of tiktok or order tracking etc.
2. apryla 2024
this app feeds my TikTok orders to my Woo store perfectly, it even somehow feeds the tracking numbers back to TikTok, all of which saves me a lot of time. I recently had an issue with the feed after changing domain and the support team were really helpful, even across the weekend.
19. februara 2024
I have been using this plugin and it’s really great. I was able to sync all products to tiktok shop effortlessly. Even when I had few issues I was able to be assisted by customer service in resolving my issues. Highly recommended
30. awgusta 2023
I’ve been using for over a month now. I’m still on a free trial of the full functionality. Here are the things I’ve noticed:1. I have a large catalog (7000 items) and a complex category layout that is auto generated by my import feed (over 40 parent categories, some children going 4 deep).Mapping products to tiktok categories is time consuming and must be done product by product since I can’t filter by woocommerce categories, as only 11 total are imported. Support has been a complete nightmare. They keep telling my they’re still syncing (but all the products and their categories are listed. It’s just the feed filter that doesn’t fully populate).Speaking of support, there is no ticket system… just a chat with constantly rotating people that provide exactly zero help. Did I mention how unhelpful and unorganized the support is yet?2. Not all of the product data syncs on change. For example, even with the toggle ON to sync all product data, the weights and sizes don’t sync (which are required for tiktok). I believe if these are present for the initial import they are there, but changes to them will not be reflected – and heaven forbid you don’t have them to begin with and have to add them manually on the feed instead of on your woocommerce shop. It’s horrible.3. Callbacks during product update. I’ve never seen another feed system call back to my site after they are alerted to a change (like stock/price). As I said, I have a large catalog, and when the inventory update runs every night, I am suddenly getting hit with thousands of requests to wp-json for every product on my site, which triggers all the bot detection modes for any bot detection software you might have (including your default web server connections per peer limits). If I whitelist their IP, it consumes all CPU resources I’ll throw at it, and DOSs the site. I’ve tried slowing down the import rate to try to pace the callbacks, but they seem to have some batching on their side that still has issues. I have no issue with other catalog syncing plugins (Facebook, Pinterest). 4. Network error syncing orders from Tiktok. Usually these orders to end up coming through to woocommerce anyway, but they show as failed to sync in the feed dashboard. I’m sure this is related to the orders attempting to come in at the same time as the website is returning 403s to the inventory update caller, but I haven’t been able to confirm that this is truly the case. Attempting to resync during a time when they are NOT calling still fails – so once a failure is recorded, it’s not possible to clear. This is a smaller issue, since the orders still do eventually make it through, but it’s also pretty annoying.I’ve reached out to support multiple times for these issues… for weeks, with no progress made. Hopefully as the product matures it will get better… especially since this seems to be the only plugin capable of syncing woocommerce to Tiktok shop, and is the only integration currently recommended by Tiktok. If you have a SMALL shop, I’m sure it will work great, but they definitely aren’t architected for scale.
25. januara 2023
The plugin pulls the orders from tik tok into woocommerce and that is about it. It does not update the orders as complete within tiktok unless you download and install the aftership plugin and pay for another subscription (the free subscription is only 50 orders a month). The plugin does not work with woocommerce shipment tracking either. But above all the support is terrible, the livechat agents just pass you onto next level support that reply up to a day later and when you reply back to them you are again answered by the lower level support who don’t have a clue what you are talking about, so you are just going around in circles. All the while you are paying for the priveledge!
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