This plugin lets you create incident reports to inform the public about your work. Although initially developed for fire departments, it is also used by emergency medical services, mountain rescue services, water rescue services, and others.

You can assign vehicles, units, type of incident, types of alerting, and external resources to each report. There are shortcodes and widgets to list the reports, optionally filtered by unit. The reports have a default layout, but you can also get creative with the templating feature. Reports can be imported and exported, creating and editing reports can be restricted to certain user roles.

Significant parts of the plugin are still only available in German. Any help with translating those parts into English would be very welcome.


Uses Font Awesome by Dave Gandy – http://fontawesome.io

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The plugin does not require any setup but it is recommended to take a look at the settings before you start publishing. Especially those in the Advanced section should not be changed inconsiderately later on.


Is this the WordPress plugin for einsatzverwaltung.eu?

No, this plugin has no affiliation with einsatzverwaltung.eu.

Is there a manual?

Yes, there is more documentation on our website.

Where should I send feature requests and bug reports to?

Ideally, you check the issues on GitHub if this has been addressed before. If not, feel free to open a new issue. You can also post a new topic on the support forum instead.

Are there more FAQ?

Yes, you can find them on our website.


7. meje 2020
Haben das Plugin für unsere neu aufzubauende Feuerwehrseite gefunden und ich bin sehr begeistert. Mit Einfachen Eintragungen, werden Counter und Einsatzlisten automatisch an mehreren Stellen aktualisiert.
2. meje 2020
Wir nutzen diesen Plugin schon seit mehreren Jahren für unsere Feuerwehr und sind begeistert. Er läuft stabil, hat viele Funktionen und der Entwickler hilft schnell und kompetent weiter wenn es mal Fragen zur Konfiguration gibt. Vielen Dank!
13. januara 2020
Es kann viele dinge wieder geben die man für die Einsatzverwaltung braucht. Super Plugin. mach weiter so
6. awgusta 2018
Dieses Plugin lässt sich super leicht bedienen und erfüllt unsere Ansprüche an eine saubere, geordnete Auflistung unserer Einsätze zu 100 %. Besonders die gute Implementierung ins System überzeugt! Weiter so!
17. februara 2018
Funktioniert und lässt kaum wünsche offen
13. julija 2017
Nutze nun seit zwei Jahren das Plugin und auch in der aktuellen WordPress-Version 4.8. Läuft, läuft und läuft. Dabei lässt es für den alltäglichen Feuerwehr-Alltag kaum Wünsche offen, was man braucht hat man. Okay, die Eingabe des Datums ist ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig, sicherlich kann man da noch an der Schraube drehen, aber wer ein schnelles Ergebnis in seiner Homepage will ist damit gut bedient.
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Protokol změnow


  • New API endpoint for third-party systems to create incident reports
  • Roles for user permissions
  • Shortcode reportcount can be filtered by Alerting Method
  • Fallback featured image for reports based on Incident Category
  • Autocomplete for incident location
  • Fix: Changing the category setting for incident reports caused an error on fresh installations


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Elementor


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with PHP 7.4 and newer during import


  • Fix: In some cases incident numbers were not regenerated after changing the format
  • Accessibility: Improve navigation of the widgets if the theme supports the navigation-widgets feature


  • Fix: Editor would not show checkboxes for units if no vehicles existed


  • Fix: Editor would not show checkboxes for units on a new site
  • Fix: Unexpected format of the global post object could cause an error


  • Fix: Units without vehicles could not be selected in the editor


  • Fix: Too narrow PHP type check prevented creation of other post types


  • Vehicles can be associated with a unit
  • Incident numbers can have a separator between the year the and sequential number
  • Classic singular view of reports shows vehicles grouped by unit, if units are used
  • Templates: Added placeholder for vehicles grouped by unit
  • Units: Display order can be customized
  • Editor: Vehicles appear grouped by unit
  • Editor: Meta box for incident details is now mobile friendly
  • Editor: Notice about wrong date format only appears after leaving the field
  • Internationalized more labels