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Easy Taxonomy Images


Easy Taxonomy Images is very light plugin which allows you to have featured and or cover images for category tags and custom taxonomies


Extremely lightweight

Support cover images & feature images for all category tags & custom taxonomies

easy to use settings

How to use - Backend

Install and activate the plugin

Navigate to Dashboard > Easy Taxonomy Images

Disable Taxonomies for which you do not need featured and or cover Image (there is option to keep both cover & feature or any of these or none of these for each taxonomy )

Set default feature Image & Cover Image

Now go to any of your chosen taxonomy edit/add page, there you can add feature and or cover image as enabled

How to use - Frontend

Easy Taxonomy Image provides you with two functions :

taxonomy_featured_image place it on any of the category templates it will display the feature image of the current category

taxonomy_cover_image place it on any of the category templates it will display the cover image of the current category

To fetch featured or cover image of any particular term just pass term_id as first argument in the function, like so :

taxonomy_featured_image(34); - display featured image term with id = 34

Fota wobrazowki

  • Settings – Disable taxonomies in feature image & category image section if you dont need for that particular taxonomy and also configure default images
  • Taxonomy Edit page – you can add remove / update feature & cover images here
  • Taxonomy Quick Edit page
  • Taxonomy Add page


  1. Upload plugin zip contents to wp-contents/plugin directory and activate the plugin


4. oktobra 2017
Quick edit seems to don’t work for me also i got an upload/remove field in the custom taxonomy overwiev page, not just inside the single term
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  • Initial Version.


  • Removed depricated filters.