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Create Sasnys Gift Voucher



Languages installed

English German Greek Italian Japanese Korean Irish French Filipino Estonian Dutch Danish Czech Croatian
Hawaiian Hebrew Hungarian Malay Polish Russian Spanish Swedish
Please forward an email to
The Author
and request the language you would like added to the list

Installation Instructions

download and install the plugin, then after a small amount of time a sign will appear „activate“ select and press. Then go to „Create Sasnys Voucher“ settings, peruse the section. If you cannot set the information required click the link for „HELP“ that will activate an email to the help line. please allow up to an hour for a response.

Fota wobrazowki

  • Admin settings on the Create Sasnys Gift Voucher.
  • Example of Gift Voucher creation for e-mail and or download.
  • View of customer e-mail script with attached downloadable PDF of the Gift Card.
  • Ledger of processed Gift Vouchers with ammendable settings.


How can I test the site

to test system please fill in all settings in the settings page that is viewable after activation, you will need a separate PayPal account to the beneficiary account to test, the smallest amount is $1 to test payment system.

Default settings

There is a settings page setup for personalised settings and PayPal setup information


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ver 1.1.2
upgraded to enable php 7.2== Upgrade Notice ===Updated Version=currently offered for download.