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Easily integrate SendGrid with your WordPress site


Contact Manager for SendGrid lets you automatically add new users to a specific SendGrid list. It also integrates with wpforms to add contacts to SendGrid from any form.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

I don’t use or even receive any data from this plugin, and you can use it however you want.

Usage Instructions

You will need a SendGrid API Key which can be found on the SendGrid dashboard under Settings -> API Keys.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this plugin on your site, go to the Settings -> Contacts for SendGrid submenu to set your SendGrid API Key.

If you want to add users to a SendGrid list from a WPForms form, open the WPForms form and click on Settings -> SendGrid to specify your list and to map fields.

If you want to add new users to a list (like Subscribers), you can enable that option and choose which SendGrid list to add them to.

Actions and Filters

cmfs-add-on-register – This lets you customize when to add new users to your SendGrid contacts. You could use this to only add new users in a specific role.
cmfs-register-list – This lets you customize which list new users are added to. You could use this to change the list based on user role.




Option 1:

  • Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress admin area.
  • Using the search box, find the Contact Manager for SendGrid plugin and click the install button and then activate the plugin.


How do I use this thing?

Check the Usage Instructions above, but basically set the SendGrid API Key in Settings -> Contacts for SendGrid and then set your list in your WPForms form Settings -> SendGrid.


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