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20. meje 2020
The conditions under which this plugin work successfully range from perfect to not at all dependent on which shortcode you use. The instructions reference "Tabs" without clearly communicating what this critical setting is related to - a profile Field Group, a Profile menu tab? To have sorted through the forum to source an answer to why, when using the instructions provided, an error of "The tab name is invalid" is exactly such an example.
8. decembra 2019
Thank you very very much. Hope you continue maintaining this plugin.
17. awgusta 2019
What I thought would be complex for a redirect on my website was simplified into two shortcodes remade within the website and works flawlessly. Thank you so much for making such an amazing and easy plugin!!!
15. měrca 2019
I just wanted to let you all know about the great experience I've had with Venutius and the BP Profile Shortcodes Extra plugin. I was struggling to set up my directory site to provide private messaging for users. I discovered the BP Profile Shortcodes Extra plugin and got it partially working. However, it took a bit to get it working exactly how I required. Venutius has been amazingly responsive and has made numerous updates to the plugin in the last 24 hours to make sure it works the way I require - just for me! And all this for a free plugin! I cannot recommend the plugin more highly, and also commend Venutius for his amazing customer service.
18. februara 2019
This is an excellent plugin with lots of shortcodes for buddypress users. If you are using buddypress.... you will need this... Great for grid display of new groups, group members and new members too
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