Book appointment online


Book appointment online – plugin for online doctor, hairdresser, stylist and other appointments.
A perfect choice for medical centers, beauty salons, hair shops, car services.

Main features

  • Quick start
  • Booking appointment „step by step“
  • Automatic time booking management. Users can book an appointment only on the available time. This will help you avoid double booking
  • Pretty modern design
  • Customizable colors
  • Responsive
  • HTML Email templates
  • Branch offices
  • 3 different schedules for staff (custom / regular working hours / shift work (e.g 2:2, 3:1 ratio etc))
  • Booking form has Type view – in popup window

Plugin frontend features

  • Choice of services (with categories)
  • Choice of available date and time
  • Choice of form of appointment
  • Email notification
  • Print appointment info to PDF
  • Send appointment info to Google Calenbdar, Outlook, iCal

Plugin backend features

  • Appointment calendar in your site’s console
  • Creating a specialist: possibility to specify a name, job position; upload photo; add working hours and list of services; check appointments of a specialist
  • Creating services: possibility to specify duration, price, custom text
  • Viewing the appointment: checking all entries in list format or via calendar
  • Add/edit clients from admin
  • Email notification about an appointment (with HTML editor)

Demo: See demo


  • English
  • Russian

This features available only in version PRO

  • PayPal, Stripe, Woocommerce integration
  • Coupon discounts
  • Employee profile page
  • SMS, Push notifications
  • SMS reminder about an appointment
  • Google calendar sync
  • Export appointments to CSV
  • Choosing the required form fields to complete booking
  • Custom form fields
  • Captcha
  • +5 languages (Deutsch, French, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian)

Read more about PRO: See PRO

Fota wobrazowki

  • Dashboard WP. Calendar view
  • Dashboard WP. List view
  • First step plugin. Select specialist
  • Second step. Select Date
  • Third step. Select time
  • Fourth step. Select service
  • Fifth step. Booking form
  • End appointment


  1. Install plugin
  2. Create services
  3. Create employee (add name, image, specialty, services, worktime)
  4. Set booking settings
  5. Add shortcode on page [oz_template]


How can I publish an appointment booking form?

You should add shortcode [oz_template] at any place on the post/page

Can I stylize booking form?

If you know CSS then you can. Set „no styles“ in plugin’s settings.

Can I add offline clients?

Yes you can. In admin console hover „Clients“ and select „Add client“


13. apryla 2023
Удобный, выглядит очень круто. Сотрудники смотрят своё расписание и корректируют если надо. Ребята наши... помогают если есть проблемы очень быстро. Как получилось у меня, можете посмотреть на моем сайте. Поймёте по моему логину. Короче рекомендую и бесплатную (если не нужен фронт) и платную. С elementor дружит.
13. apryla 2023
Отличный плагин, перепробовал несколько других (иностранных), пока не остановился на этом (отечественном производителе). Привлекло то, что есть календарь записей на фронте... Мои сотрудники могут зайти в браузер и увидеть своё расписание, подправить его, подтвердить или отменить записи. И еще к тому же интерфейс формы записи для клиентов очень красивый. У меня сайт сделан на Elementor. Это не помешало использовать плагин. Порадовала быстрая реакция поддержки на мои возникающие желания, улучшения, подкрутки на моем сайте. Еще одним плюсом в пользу этого плагина, это то что его можно купить в нашей стране.
9. septembra 2022
Не выводится календарь по шорткоду который отображается в настройках плагина <?php echo do_shortcode('[ozapp]');?>. В документации на оф. сайте нашел другой шорткод, по которому получилось вывести календарь <?php echo do_shortcode('[oz_template]');?>. Но фильтры по шорткоду не работают, видимо нужно покупать полную версию. Это руская компания, не буду спонсировать войну!
18. julija 2020 1 reply
This plugin has a conflict with Elementor. After a while, the pages don't open. The elementor returns an error «You must call the_content function in the current template». If you deactivate your plugin and deactivate Elementor, and then activate it again, everything works again for a while, but then it returns an error again. Please check and resolve this conflict.
24. junija 2019
The appointment screen is very cool and intuitive, but you need to further develop the backend options, such as: 1) allow to add more rows of schedules per employee, to be able to differentiate service schedules on different days of the week; 2) Dashboard screen with the schedules marked, with client name, time, service, employee and status (confirmed, canceled, to be confirmed); 3) Allow employees access to view and change their schedules if needed; These 3 changes are what I believe are more urgent, but congratulations for the development and thanks for making it available for free!
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Protokol změnow
UPDATED WordPress 5.9 compatibility

ADDED Service categories
ADDED Branches for employees
ADDED New schedlue types
ADDED Sequence of steps
ADDED View option
ADDED New theme
ADDED Appointment statuses
ADDED Final message
ADDED Payment method – Locally
UPDATED Fully update plugin core and plugin settings interface

FIXED XSS vulnerability with Price field

FIXED added missing file email-marketing.php

ADDED HTML editor for Email notifications

FIXED Color settings
FIXED Divi compatibility

ADDED Color settings option


ADDED Color settings option


FIXED WordPress 5.5 Compatibility
FIXED the schedule might not work before in some themes


ADDED Date and time format is set from WordPress settings
ADDED Redirect to URL after successful appointment option
ADDED Form fields settings
IMPROVED Manual appointment adding


IMPROVED Manual appointment adding


ADDED Form autoheight option


ADDED Form fields settings


ADDED Url to appointment from calendar
ADDED New calendar view in console
FIXED Back button on front


JS updated

Improved Scroll to top when click next step on mobile.
Improved Calendar header in form booking on mobile


1.26 Add employees name in appointments on the dashboard calendar


1.25 Fixed translation and some styles


1.24 Fixed JS scripts enqueue order


1.23 FIXED when <? tag not working as php tag


1.22 Add timeslot duration



Fixed some CSS styles



Added unlimited staffs (employees) number



  • Fixed installation bug for some servers



  • Fixed client adding’s function
  • Added constant – version of plugin
  • Added some styles
  • Fixed JS scripts



  • Added functionality to add clients in admin console
  • Update plugin’s style in admin


  • At now if user choose Today for booking, he can booking only on closest or future time, not past.
  • Added some styles

1.10 Add column time and price in admin menu services

1.09 Fixed some style errors

1.08 The function of determining the current time is added. Users can book appointment on the future (if today set) only – fixed
Added extended options for selecting services from employees

1.07 The function of determining the current time is added. Users can book appointment on the future (if today set) only

1.06 PHP 5.4 support

1.05 Added translate to some strings

1.04 Fix theme options by default
1.03 Fix some styles

1.02 Fix some styles, change admin menu order, fix shortcode echoing

1.01 Add prefix to function create_post_type
1.0 First version in repository