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Address Bar Ads


Address Bar Ads is a new plugin that enables you to integrate messages into your website Address (URL) Bar, turning it into an Advertisement Box. Very easy to use – just choose your message, Pages and Posts on which you would like it to appear, Destination URL and you are set. When activated, your messages will appear in the selected Pages/Posts Address (URL) Bar. When users click Enter (Link Key), they will be directed to your designated URL.This Plugin is brand new, so be sure to send us feedback and (if you like it) tell your friends and give us a 5 star rating!

How Address Bar Ads can be use

So how does Address Bar Ads add Mojo to your website? It’s great for:
* Integrating affiliate links and products into your address bar
* Communicating with your users through your address bar

Use it to promote a product or service, post or article, or even a prize winning competition – this plugin will help make your website more fun and interactive!


  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Up to 3 ads on multiple pages on your website (1 ad per page)
  • 20 featured icons (to add some spark to your message, making it more visible)

Coming Soon

  • More ads
  • Multiple ads per page/post
  • Ability to control ad speed and delay
  • Additional link keys
  • Additional icons

If you have suggestions for improving this plugin, feel free to email me at shamir@sivenso.com. Interested in regular updates? Check out AddressBarAds

Additional contributors are eLuminous Technologies

Fota wobrazowki

  • live ad example1
  • live ad example2
  • admin panel look and feel page1
  • admin panel look and feel page2


  1. Install Address Bar Ads Plugin from WordPress repository or Upload ‚AddressBarAds.php‘ zip file to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory,
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Customize your Address Bar Ads in the ‚Address Bar Ads‘ menu under ‚Setting‘ in WordPress.


What can I do with this plugin?

Address Bar Ads is essentially a new way to communicate with your users. Use it to update your users about a new post or offer on your website, or use it for advertising purposes. You define the destination URL, which means you can send them to any URL that suites your purposes.

Who is this plugin good for?
  • Bloggers interested in promoting a post or update
  • Online businesses interested in advertising or promoting a product
  • Publishers interested in promoting affiliate products
  • General communication with users
Where should I place the Link Key?

The Link Key can be placed before your message (AKA Ad Text) or after your message. Although the default setting is placing it before your Ad Text, many users prefer placing it after the message, increasing the Call to Action.

Why the Featured Icons and what are they good for?

We decided to add the Featured Icon buttons looking to add some spark to your message, making it more visible. The 20 icons chosen are generic icons that we believe will be helpful for a wide variety of messages and ads. Note: Adding Featured Icons is completely optional!

Why are some of the Featured Icons appearing as boxes?

Unfortunately, some Featured Icons are still incompatible with some browsers, which means that they might not be visible to some of your users. The Heart and Bullet icons universally appear on all browsers. We are working to fix this bug, but in the meantime, if this really bothers you, you might consider not using the Featured Icons.

What is the Link Key and does it have to be -Enter-?

The Link Key is the key that activates your Destination URL. When your users hit the -Enter- key, they will be lead to your designated URL. Choosing different Link Keys will be possible in the soon coming Pro Version of Address Bar Ads.

Why Can’t I enter a % (percantage) sign into my message

Adding a ‚%‘ sign into your ad unfortunately terminates the message string, meaning all/some of it will not appear in the Address Bar. We have therefore disabled this key…

Can I input a banner ad into the Destination URL bar?

Banner ads (such as Google Adsense) contain a script, which cannot be read by this plugin. Address Bar Ads will lead your users to any URL that you define.

Why does the cursor flicker while loading my Ad?

Address Bar Ads appends your message in the URL hash of your address bar, placing your messages characters in the address bar one by one. Unfortunately, this currently causes flickering on some browsers (notably Google Chrome) while loading your message.
As of now we have not found a solution for this problem. Hopefully we will fix this in the next version of Address Bar Ads. If you know how to help us with this problem, or have any suggestions for improving this plugin, email me at shamir@sivenso.com).


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